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Summer Sale: Car Super Capacitor for improves of acceleration reaction and car audio sound - Unavi Eco Power Cap

Summer Sale: Car Super Capacitor for improves of acceleration reaction and car audio sound - Unavi Eco Power Cap


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+++ 100% Money-back guarantee within 30 days!! +++ supercapacitor energy density
If you don’t feel the difference, send it back for a full, hassle-free refund within 30 days of your purchase date. car power capacitor, vehicle power capacitor, car audio power capacitor, car voltage stabilizer for battery

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Our gas saver system - UNAVI ECO POWER CAP is not car battery charger or battery like energy storage, it's a supercapacitor unit with an energy density of 55-farad.
In US, use the supercapacitor usually assistant-device as car audio power capacitor; car stereo / sound / amplifier power capacitor. car battery life
But UNAVI ECO POWER CAP is vehicle power capacitor with car audio power capacitor feature for various features over that limitation. car battery jump starter
This installation product is stable supplies moderate voltage car necessary by preventing momentary voltage shock or electric power shortage and protect in-car electronic equipment operation. And also extends the car battery life to double without battery replacement. supercapacitor battery, supercapacitor unit, supercapacitor energy storage, supercapacitor vs capacitor 
Especially UNAVI ECO POWER CAP - Thunder Star product included a car battery jump starter function, too. car amplifier power capacitor
You can take a better price and better convenience service if use For Sale period and Near Me. car stereo power capacitor

+1 year standard warranty


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Great buy, does what I expected and some.

For the money it’s a terrific upgrade

UNAVI Super Capacitor Review

Overall I give the Capacitor a thumbs-up! I drive a 2019 Nissan Armada and I have been looking for ways to save gas because I do a lot of towing. I was skeptical at first but I would have to say it works.

Gas Mileage:

I have probably seen about 2 miles per gallon difference in mileage. I say probably because it is difficult to do an exact apples to apples comparison to mileage prior to the capacitor because I do not tow 100% of the time. I am assuming all things equal with monitoring mileage over a longer length of time which includes random towing.

Car Audio:

The OEM sound system is already pretty good considering it is by BOSE. I would say there is better sound after installing the capacitor…. but would I buy the capacitor for this purpose alone? Probably not. The difference is noticeable but not life changing, in my opinion. This is not to say the change wouldn’t be significant in other vehicles so definitely check out what other reviewers have to say about audio performance.


This is where the capacitor really caught me by surprise. I immediately noticed that the car idled so much smoother…. the fluctuation in the idling is no longer even noticeable on the tachometer. I feel zero hesitation when accelerating and there is an increase in power. Well, there is either more power or the fact that the engine has no hesitating during an acceleration event I couldn’t say, but it feels faster which means it tows better.

Battery Life Extended:

Too soon to tell

If you spend a lot of time driving or do a lot of towing I highly recommend the capacitor. If your only interest is to improve audio sound there might be better alternatives in this price range. It will be interesting to see how long the capacitor can hold up under the hood next to a hot engine. It feels very well made but that is a tough environment for any type of power source.

As a complete package for all that this thing does I wouldn’t hesitate purchasing it especially at the sale price, I do not think you would regret it.


Summer Big Sale 
Motoring Day Ends 7/25

Take advantage of our best offer ever!
Our promotion will end in

Super Car Power Capacitor


"Should I change my car?"
"Why does my car have
no power when I push the gas?"
"How can I make my factory car stereo
sound better?"
"My car is
shaking and louder noise."
Gas mileage gets worse over time."


Can't use it because don't know,
but once know, can never stop using it!!

Trusted UNAVI ECO POWER CAP proven by testimonials!

Mercedes-Benz S Class

"Acceleration is incredibly smooth, and I can feel my car going smoothly."

Cadillac CTS

"Gas mileage is improved and noise is reduced. Very good."

Honda Accord

"After installation, vibration has been reduced I can feel it, and shifting become smoother than before."

Range Rover Vogue

"I'm pretty sure it works. The biggest thing I noticed was the audio quality. All performance upgrades."

Kia Sedona

"People who are sensitive to driving can drive safely enough to feel it right away."

Peugeot 5008

"In the past, the ISG worked only after driving and charging, but now it works right away. I would like to recommend it to my friends. "

Kia Sorento

"My passenger thought that my car came with this feature from the factory and he was surprised that it is actually aftermarket."

Mercedes-Benz AMG Coupe

"I believe there’s nothing like this in terms of engine relief reduction and gear shift shock reduction in the market."

Cadillac CT6

" I felt a shudder in my body while listening to the music."

Infiniti Q50

"Reduction of residual vibration and noise when the air conditioner is operating while stopped."

Volkswagen Touareg

"I believe there’s nothing like this in terms of engine relief reduction and gear shift shock reduction in the market."

Mercedes-Benz E Class

" I felt a shudder in my body while listening to the music."


SuperCapacitors Experience Group Event!!

Use Now, 100% Money Back Later!

Those interested in trying out the Super Capacitor are limited to UNAVI CarPlay purchasers and the following conditions:

1. Audiophiles welcomed!
2. Anyone dissatisfied with engine performance
3. Anyone with weakened or struggling vehicle electrical devices such as head lamps
4. Anyone sensitive to vehicle's fuel economy, particularly on long trips

Deposit : $100 -> 100% Money Back Later

"You will receive a free Super Capacitor upon uploading a review video and written review of the product. A $100 deposit is required, which is refunded after video and review is published."

If you wanna take this chance, please contact us.

Call. 855-558-6284 / Email.

UNAVI ECO POWER CAP is produced from a production procedure certified with ISO 9001 qualification. 

UNAVI ECO POWER CAP is produced from a production procedure certified with ISO 14001 qualification. 

UNAVI ECO POWER CAP uses UL-standard certified parts for product performance and safety.

Unavi USA provides 1-year standard warranty service for UNAVI ECO POWER CAP customers.

Super Car Power Capacitor?


Almost of failures or faults of automotive electronic equipment are caused by voltage shock or instantaneous voltage shortage.


Common electric current flow status
- Power is not fully supplied every moment


Electric current flow status after installing
Super Car Power Capacitor
- Supplies evenly distributed power

Super Car Power Capacitor maintains and supplies the voltage necessary for electronic equipment at all times to prevent electric shock and instantaneous voltage shortage that may suddenly occur due to power ON/OFF and various electric equippment operation.


Super Car Power Capacitor constantly supplies an appropriate voltage so that the engine runs without loss of power in any environment, and due to this, the alternator works efficiently and suppresses the engine's irregularity(RPM instability).

3 circulation structure of Battery - Engine - Alternator


Super Car Power Capacitor reduces incomplete combustion and irregular spread speed by maintaining an appropriate voltage so that the spark plug can maintain a constant ignition speed and ignition-to-spread even when run together with other automotive equipment.

Super Car Power Capacitor distributes and absorbs the load applied to the battery, resulting in the effect of extending the battery life through stable use of the battery.

- Super Car Power Capacitor -


Super Car Power Capacitor - Unavi Eco Power Cap


Expensive sound and explosive bass


You never get the right sound if it doesn't have enough power even if you upgrade your stereo system (including the more expensive systems). Power capacity for stable audio supply is about 1.5F per 1000W of maximum amplifier output. UNAVI ECO POWER CAP guarantees powerful sound and perfect sound quality in any environment by using large-capacity capacitors that can use more than 30 1000W amplifiers at the same time.

Can immediately feel the effect of output improvement


It is a common feeling when driving small to midsize cars uphill, a sense of lack of power in the engine. This felt more when the car’s air conditioning is on. It’s no secret that small and midsize cars has better fuel economy, but when driving up a hill, there is a lack of power felt, and accompanied with the rising RPM, these cars struggle in the uphill battle. UNAVI ECO POWER CAP has perfectly solved the lack of power felt in small and midsized vehicles, allowing your car to run uphill with the air conditioner on, and also significantly improving gas mileage while driving up hills.

Reduce shift shock, reduce vibration at lower RPMs


As a result of testing by installing it on a 1600cc GDI vehicle, the RPM decreases rapidly from 1600 to 600 RPM during stops and vehicle vibration felt when driving at high speeds of more than 65 miles is also significantly decreased.

In any weather and climate


Some cars struggle when starting the engine after they are parked for extended periods of time or in colder environments. UNAVI ECO POWER CAP alleviates this problem. Engine starts working as soon as you start the car. Rough and noisy starts will no longer be experienced.
UNAVI ECO POWER CAP has a powerful instantaneous power of 4.8kw and provides light and immediate starting performance even in extreme cold of minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

※ It may vary depending on the vehicle's operating environment and starting characteristics.

Lamborghini and Ferrari selected


Lamborghini announced in 2012 that they would apply 'Idle Stop & Start' system using Maxwell capacitors to all their supercars, and in 2015, GM announced that they had signed a contract with Maxwell for their special capacitors to use with their ISG feature. UNAVI ECO POWER CAP is made of special capacitors for vehicles developed through years of joint research with Maxwell for vehicles equipped with ISG features, Autonomous Emergency Braking System(AEB), Intelligent Forward Collision Warning System(I-FCW), Intelligent Driver Alertness System(I-DA), etc. This optimizes all the high-tech devices in your vehicle.

Sustainable improve fuel economy effect by installing only


It helps the generator and output-control device run more efficiently, preventing incomplete combustion, reducing exhaust emissions, and also significantly increasing the power of the vehicle.

Stable voltage supply keeps constantly the fuel injection timing, spark plug explosion, ignition-to-spread range, and degree, more stable driving the engine and reducing incomplete combustion, helping to save fuel consumption.

Prevents instantaneous power loss of the battery by 4.8kW of instantaneous power


Prevent sudden acceleration
There are numerous studies that have continuously reported that loss of sudden power in vehicles such as starting can cause serious defect as engine failure. And also It is said that the risk of sudden acceleration increases as the number of electrical devices inside the vehicle increases. UNAVI ECO POWER CAP is a high-performance product capable of supplying 1800W of power consumption per moment and preventing most of the vehicle's electrical system malfunction caused by rapid power loss.

Prevent airbag malfunction
Most of the airbag malfunction complaints are related to the airbag not working. Malfunctions of electric devices in vehicles, such as airbags designed to protect the driver and passengers, are mostly caused by momentary power shortages and electric noise generated from electric devices.

UNAVI ECO POWER CAP can remove more than 90% of electric noise from all power supplied from the battery to the entire vehicle, and provides sufficient power to the vehicle to completely prevent malfunctions of electrical devices.

ECO POWER CAP rather than battery replacement cost?


The biggest cause of shortened battery life is frequent charging and discharging. UNAVI ECO POWER CAP increases the lifespan of the battery by supplying an appropriate amount of power to the vehicle when it needs a sudden power supply.

Super Car Power Capacitor - Unavi Eco Power Cap




joint research with Maxwell, the world's No.1 supercapacitor seller!

Vehicle upgrade kit using the world's best super-capacitors for vehicles that have been developed through years of joint research with Maxwell, the world's No. 1 supercapacitor seller!

Ultra-capacitors specially developed through joint research with Maxwell, the world's largest capacitor manufacturer.

The world's best high-quality & high-end vehicle-power enhancement system that improves maximum output to 4800W by reducing internal resistance to the world's highest level.

Almost of failures or malfunctions of automotive electronic equipment are caused by voltage shock or instantaneous voltage shortage.
Smart battery stabilizer maintains and supplies the voltage necessary for electronic equipment at all times to prevent electric shock and instantaneous voltage shortage that may suddenly occur due to power ON/OFF and various electric equippment operation.

NewYork Post

Special capacitors for vehicles

“The Maxwell ultracapacitor subsystem has proven to provide significant support for our hybrid cars...”

The Washington Post

ISG(Stop-Start) optimization

“Lamborghini to incorporate Maxwell technologies ultra capacitors in stop-start idle-elimination system...”

Los Angeles Times

Sudden acceleration control

“A sudden power loss is generally considered a serious safety defect.. when a defective ignition switch would suddenly shut off the engine”



for perfect voltage/current's improving performance

The 'Active balancing' feature with high tech calculates and optimizes the capacity of each supercapacitor cell in real-time providing strong power, optimal efficiency, and a lifespan of more than 50,000 cycles to UNAVI ECO POWER CAP.

ECO POWER CAP is not only makes charging all cells smooth but also reduces vehicle noise and impedance with an active balancing circuit and a circuit design that can withstand up to 300Ah of current.



Heavy-duty plated connector manufactured

Heavy-duty plated connector manufactured for instant discharge and highest efficiency. Designed for easy installation/removal and for capable of sending high currents of up to 600Ah.

ECO POWER CAP is a smart and worthwhile investment for your vehicle, especially because every step taken in designing and manufacturing are given the highest quality care and attention.



IK10 impact test certification

ECO POWER CAP is designed and manufactured as a product that can respond to temperature-sensitive supercapacitors using aluminum.
In addition, we applied 2.5 tons of whole aluminum for implementing excellent cooling system which to protect weak supercapacitors resisted with heat. Also applied using a heat sink that maximizes cooling efficiency with internal area and improved airflow to that.

Safety is built in, which minimizes the risk of secondary damage due to external shocks such as car accidents or crashes.



Anyone can install it easily

Choice of where to install

Choice of where to install the UNAVI ECO POWER CAP that will not interfere with battery replacement later and check the silicon wire's length required.

Connect wiring

Connect wiring together with 'Cord-End' parts to Battery, UNAVI ECO POWER CAP Main Unit, and Car Body(Ground).

Fixed to main unit

Fix the UNAVI ECO POWER CAP product after checking there is no interference even if close the car hood.

Quick Installation guide

Vehicle with IBS sensor only on negative terminal

Above images show regular IBS sensors. But size and shape of the IBS sensor may vary by vehicle model. If have IBS sensor, never the wiring connect directly to the battery.

  • Turn off the car and remove the key.
  • Using the allen wrench provided, fasten the unconnected side of the wiring to the ECO POWER CAP. (Connect a red wire to the positive terminal of ECO POWER CAP, and a black wire to the negative terminal as firmly as possible)
  • Connect the ring terminal of a red wire to the positive terminal of the vehicle battery.
  • As shown above picture, the battery sensor is connected to the negative terminal of the vehicle battery, so connect firmly the black wire to the car body. (If has no battery sensor, can connect directly to negative terminal of the battery) When connecting, sparks may occur depending on the voltage of the vehicle battery, so connect firmly at once.
  • Installation is completed normally and the charging voltage of the ECO POWER CAP exceeds 13V, blinks slowly blue LED.
  • After initial installation, please warm up for about 5 minutes before driving.

Super Car Power Capacitor - Unavi Eco Power Cap




ModelUNAVI ECO POWER CAP - Thunder Volt
Dimension7.45(W) x 4.59(D) x 2.04(H) inch
Weight2.1 lb
Input Voltage1V ~ 15.0V
Input Current300A
Output Voltage1V ~ 13.5V
Output Current300A
Operation Temp-40℉ ~ +149℉
CompatibleAll vehicle models
Wiring6AWG 392℉

The terminal of the ECO POWER CAP is designed to be installed easily by anyone, and it can be connected firmly using supplied bolts and hexagonal wrench. And it also can be installed easily and removed at any time.

Super Car Power Capacitor - Unavi Eco Power Cap


Kit consists of

Main Unit

6AWG 392℉ Silicon Wire


Double-sided Tape
or Velcro Tape (Random)

Allen Wrench

Installation Guide

Expand unlimitedly

ECO POWER CAP is can expand unlimitedly. It can also be used in 24V vehicles depending on the connection method, and possible for easy multi-layering for strong power.