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Good Product

I have had the product installed for about 1 week now. So far the product is working well. I installed it myself. Was not that challenging, however I would not recommend for a novice. The main improvement I would recommend would be a better installation manual / videos and better user instructions.

Hello Dennis,
We really appreciate your input, it really helps us improve. We will share this with out team and if you need anything don't hesitate to contact out customer service team.

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Works great. Install was easy

Really liked the very detailed install instruction on youtube. Product worked great first time. No issues at all. Installed in a single evening.

QX carplay

As promised it's a tough install but after it's all set and done works great

CarPlay Special Install fee* by Unavi Pro Installer

Great addition to my wifes QX60

We love the Infiniti but it did not have factory CarPlay because Infiniti didn’t do a redesign for years
Other units would have replaced the whole head unit in the car and didn’t have great ratings
The UNAVI unit was easy for me to install and leaves the factory electronics to stock functions but the simple press of a button and you are in CarPlay that is fully functional on factory touch screen
I couldn’t be happier and my wife loves CarPlay

Car play

I have installed the unit no problem so far my wife is enjoying it the instruction strath forward infinity qx70 2016 thanks again

2018 Audi Q3 Apple CarPlay installation success

This is a great product and the customer support was excellent! While I am a handy person, I am generally not one to tinker with my car. When I explored UNAVI’s site and found all the detailed videos for how to install the CarPlay unit in my specific car model (2018 Audi Q3), I felt this was something I could actually do myself, and I was able to do it successfully, though with some help from their great customer support. First, their kit is very comprehensive but there are two things they use in the videos that aren’t included and definitely make the job easier, the radio removal keys and some plastic pry tools to get the glove box and AC panel off. I found a reasonably priced kit on Amazon that had both. With those and the needed Torx bits it went reasonably smoothly, though I ran into one big snag in my installation of the unit. I went to install the connection to the headlamp unit on the back of my glove box and the OEM plug had an extra tab on it that the UNAVI one did not, so the OEM plug would not fit into the new UNAVI receptacle. I sent an email off to customer support since it was a weekend so I did not expect an immediate reply and Monday morning I got a reply and a text message that the plug is not needed for my car. I was a little skeptical but it is absolutely true. I was worried I would not the get functionality of the display auto swapping to dark mode when my headlights went on, but it definitely works. I guess that is just some of the little changes that Audi makes over the years that makes it needed in one year of the model but not needed in others. Once I got that direction, everything went together fine after quite a bit of manhandling to cram the unit behind the radio and AC panel. But it did fit with some effort just like the videos said. I was happy about that since I didn’t want to take up what little glove compartment space I had to put the unit in there, which is another option they describe in the installation videos.

The other glitch I came upon but was able to solve with UNAVI’s help was I set up both the wireless and wired connection for CarPlay and while the wired connection was more reliable, they both would not always have the audio working even though the media mode showed the audio was connected. It would work in Google Maps but then my music apps would not work. Another quick text to UNAVI and they were able to solve this problem. All I had to do was disable the audio Bluetooth connection in my car’s Bluetooth settings while keeping the phone connection enabled. Ever since I did that the audio has been working great and I can still make calls using my car’s Bluetooth connection.

I love that my car looks the same as it was before I installed this unit, but it has so much more functionality and no OEM functions have been impaired at all. It is worth the extra money to go with UNAVI over a similar looking, cheaper unit on Amazon, as the product provided is solidly made, works very well, and if you are installing this yourself the customer support is top notch. I have never traded text messages with customer support live before, but it was great. Responses were either immediate or within 5 minutes or less. I highly recommend UNAVI and this Audi CarPlay unit.

2015 Audi upgraded with CarPlay

My 2015 Audi A7 TDI is still in great shape. It has the 3.0 Turbo Diesel that is not available anymore ( Thanks CARB!!) and gets great fuel mileage so I don't really want to replace it just to get new technology. I stumbled across the UNAVI module that keeps the OEM MMI radio but adds Apple Carplay. This was just what I needed. I don't know how they made it work but it does!
Pros- the module comes with all of the cables, wires and parts needed for installation. After installation everything looks stock. The installation was mostly straight forward by watching YouTube Videos. The module does have a USB A plug that you can use as well that also charges the phone while using. Using Carplay vs the OEM navigation system makes sure the maps are always updated when you update your phone. I would think this adds value at resale or trade in.
Cons- there are no written instructions- just QR codes to videos. The installation video ends before you put everything back together, but it is a reversal of the disassembly. However there is a big plug in the back so when you try to slide the radio back in it will not allow the MMI head to slide fully in place unless you manipulate the plug out of the way before reinstallation (It took me a few times to get this figured out). Overall it took me about three hours from start to finish and could have gone faster on a second install since I know what to watch for now. After installation I had a problem getting the module to "read aloud" the text messages but after texting tech support (you cannot call) they helped me fix a setting in the unit so it works well now. It does not make the screen a touch screen so you still have to use the control knob on the MMI interface, but I wasn't really expecting to make the screen a touch screen. It does take some time familiarizing yourself with the controls to get the hang of how to make the system work- it is a mix hybrid using your own car's Bluetooth and the module Bluetooth (or USB). Give yourself an hour or so with the car parked to get comfortable with all of the settings before you decide to drive and figure it out on the road.
Overall I am glad that I purchased this product and hope that I can continue to get many more years out of my 2015 A7 TDI. Many states and municipalities now require you to drive "hands free" and this will solve that issue for me.

Great Upgrade

I installed the Apple CarPlay for Land Rover 2012-2016 LR4 CarPlay & Android Auto Upgrade Module myself. If you have the tools and like the DIY of taking cars apart etc then it is worth it. I had it fully installed within an hour. It works like a champ. There are some things to get used to though. Sometimes when switching over you have to turn the audio on and off to hear it. Also, the CARPLAY screen doesn't stay on all the time, even when on the maps portion. It always goes back to the main Land Rover screen and I have to go back into CARPLAY. Its not that big of a deal but a little annoying. It is a small price to pay in order to have CARPLAY in an older vehicle like this. If there is a way to make the screen stay on CARPLAY then please let me know. I have checked all installation guides and on line and teh installation was correct from what I can tell. 100% worth the buy!!

Audio Excellence is Excellent!

I purchased a UNAVI Apple CarPlay adapter along with the installation package from UNAVI for my wife's 2018 Lexus ES350. Audio Excellence is the UNAVI professional installer in my area. After I received the CarPlay adapter I called Audio Excellence and made an appointment for the installation. When I arrived, they were waiting and ready for me. Their waiting room area was clean and comfortable. The owner of the family owned business and the head technician spoke with me, brought cold water and made sure I was comfortable. When the installation was complete, the technician took me to the car and showed me how to operate the system. The CarPlay works fine and I am so happy we added it, we should have added it much sooner. I was VERY impressed with the entire installation process with Audio Excellence. They knew what they were doing, they are VERY PROFESSIONAL!! Audio Excellence is EXCELLENT!

The company was very easy to work with. They text with questions to ensure the proper device was sent. Once confirmed, the device shipped quickly and arrived quickly. Installation was exactly as described on a YouTube video and it is working very well!

UNAVI CarPlay Module for my 2018 Lexus ES350

I did my research -- watched several videos & read reviews. Then I contacted UNAVI's local installer, Audio Excellence. After doing my research and speaking with the experts at Audio Excellence, I was convinced and purchased the system. They installed the system today and my wife LOVES it. We are very pleased with the system. Wish we had done it much sooner!

UNAVI products are the best!!!

I’ve installed over 10 of UNAVI apple CarPlay integration kits inside of 6 months. Every unit works flawlessly. Convenient install and operation instructions via QRcode are always packaged with u it. I love there products. Thanks so much for always taking care of me everyone. I will forever be a UNAVI procduct supporter and installer!!!!

This company takes the time and trouble to verify the Vin in order to be sure to send the right product. The install went without a hitch with the assistance of the video. I would recommend them to my friends.


I am super satisfied with my Apple CarPlay for my 2014 Cadillac CTS. It is super fast and I love that it is wireless. I have looked into other CarPlay products but they are not wireless and cost over $1k but for half the price this comes with everything. Instead of having to use my phone I can just use my screen and the “Hey siri” works excellent.

Works perfectly - easy install

I hardly ever write reviews but I am so impressed by this unit and ease of install. Decided to go this route after receiving a $1500 quote from Mercedes. Had it installed in less than 30 minutes (and some of that was user error). Works perfectly and I imagine has increased the resale value of my car

Works well, great tech support!

I did my own installation in a 2019 RX 350L with 7" screen, it has the basic knob controller.

The installation was tricky but I got through it with the help of Jay from Unavi support. He was very fast to respond and patient as I made some mistakes along the way.

The end result is a very well integrated CarPlay experience. The system just works the way you would want it to. Knob controls work better than I expected. I installed this in my wife's car and she did not want to worry about learning the menus and options, she just wants it to work when she turns the car on and it does just that.

There are a few quirks that I'll try to work out with support (like sometimes skipping two songs when using the steering wheel controls). Overall, I'm pleased with this product. Thanks again to Jay for helping me through the install on 12/26/2023.

Exceeded Expectations

I recently purchased the Infiniti Carplay unit for my wife's 2017 QX-80. I elected to install it myself and the process was straight-forward, taking about 2 hours to complete. It could have been faster but I purposely took it slow and meticulous to reduce the potential for mistakes. No part of the installation was particularly challenging. The video and install PDF provided all of the information required.

After installation the unit work perfectly and smoothly. I tested both Carplay and Android Auto both wired and wirelessly. Both worked better than expected. Initially the music volume was way louder than the navigation volume, however, a settings screen is available to adjust the relative volumes and that quickly resolved the issue. I had no need to contact tech support. All in all I am very pleased with the purchase and my wife can finally use Carplay in her car.

Great product, even better support

Unavi CarPlay for my Infiniti is a game changer.. Installation was straight forward and product support is off the charts!

Works great!

I installed the upgrade myself on a 2020 Pathfinder. It came with everything clearly marked and great instructions. Works great!

UNAVI Apple Carplay/Android Auto Self Install In a 2020 Pathfinder

Installation was straight forward, not identical to the youtube video but close enough. I used some zip ties on the cables to compact them into single run down to the new box and it seemed to help. Installed a USB port in the center console box, but so far using the wireless connection is good.

So far it works as expected.
Holding the BACK button on the steering wheel switches between original controls and the new AC/AA system, but not the BACK button on the dash, not sure if that is normal or not.

I love the upgrade

I installed the system it took me to another level. I love the upgrade it is so much convenient not to use maps and make calls. I wish i can mirror screen and can use all apps except android auto.

I would definitely recommend the system you'll love it.

Just to mention instructions calls for 3.5mm aux jack but now they are sending noise canceller.

1 point off because some of the instructions were not clear. Also unavi send me instruction for newer model and have to find the one for old which was also missing disassembly instructions. The main reason of the point down is missing the USB C i didn't install the USB extension as i want to get a replacement with USB C.

Best Carplay for my Pathfinder

Love the unit installed. Better infotainment for my 2018 Pathfinder Midnight Edition. Now it’s easy to use.

Christmas present

This is a Christmas present, so will give a review after Christmas.