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I have been a Unavi dealer .7 years this is a tough install .take your time do not rush .seeing red warnings about .powering up w/things unplugged .first step I removed the neg. battery cable .works as good as fords sync 3 .in the 2021 cars & trucks

Unavi - 2018 infinity qx60

For such a higher end vehicle, it was bizarrely behind the times when it comes to the stereo and lack of car play! Luckily I found unavi by doing Google searches and purchased this system. It works perfectly and totally transformed the cars system into something you’d expect to see in this year of vehicle!
Unavi customer service is always spot on with questions etc even long after the sale.

Nice addition to my Mercedes - loving it!

Intuitive control, wireless connection is good. Took it to a nearby installer after seeing on on the installer locator. Install cost me about ~$400. Oh they send their package with signature required so had to go to a local UPS to pick it up. didn't expect that. Overall, good product.

Doesn't work! Waste of money and time.

Bought the item online and lucky they had a authorized dealer, which was little over an hour drive from my house (one way). I made three trips down to the shop to get the carplay install on my Audi A6. First trip was, oh they send the wrong kit, after receiving the new kit, I made additional two trips but they still couldn't get the thing to work with UNAVI tech support over the phone. So after spending $400 for installation which never happened and three trips down to the shop I decided to return the product to which I was still was not refunded the whole amount. Horrible, do not buy!

Hello Harpreet,

I'm Nicole - customer support manager here at Unavi. We are truly sorry for sending out the wrong kit the first time around. We have put extra measures on Quality Control since then. As for the technical support, currently we provide them from M-F 8:00AM - 4:30PM PST. It's best to arrange installation during these hours, in case there's any assistance necessary. As for the installation expense, we'd like to follow up with the shop, and see what we could do. One of our customer support team members will be in contact with you to get more info on the shop/install. Lastly, we have refunded the remaining amount to you. It should be available in the method of your original payment in 5-7 business days. Thank you for taking the time to leave a review with us, it helps us do things better!

Problematic Install Process

After driving 150 miles to the nearest authorized installer, the initial CarPlay unit was discovered bad out of the box. I incurred the expenses of two nights hotel stay while waiting for a reshipment and install of the the reissued unit before returning home. The replacement unit works as expected and I’m pleased with the product.

Hello Michael,

We apologize you received a defective unit the first time around, and had to spend more time waiting for the install. It's important to us that our customers are happy with the product/install experience! One of our customer support team members will be in touch with you to see what we can do for you. Thank you for taking the time to leave a review with us, it helps our team improve.

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Parked hit and run, No recording

This product only recorded when i drove i do not have a video capture of the impact to my vehicle, this sucks i paid for the combo front inside and backside cam and it didn't capture what happened

Hello Ricky,
We are sorry to hear about your accident. UGD621 and most dashcams has a 'voltage cutoff' point when they go on parking mode. What this means is once the vehicle tells the dashcam that it has reached a certain level of voltage(you can set this through our dashcam app), the dashcam will stop recording. This is to prevent running out of battery charge. So it is possible if the car is parked for a long period time, an accident may not get recorded depending on the vehicle voltage level at the time of accident. Given that the dashcam records normally while driving as you mentioned, it is likely the accident occurred after the voltage cutoff point and didn't record. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any further questions or concerns - we are here M-F 8AM-4:30PM PST.

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review with us - it truly allows us to do things better.

Great Addition to the Unavi Carplay System

Very Easy setup right out of the box.
My main concern was audio quality and I can confirm that the audio quality is near that of using the cable and it was hard to audibly hear a difference. The system does take around 10 secs to connect but outside of that there are no disconnects that I have encountered.
Very happy to now have this option.

Highly recommended

This adapter works great and now I can leave my phone in my pockets was of having to plug it in. It connects fast and has no issue maintaining connection

Radio apple play works great , this item was the only audio system with apple play to fit my vehicle A little Longer to install then expected but over all great item

great system

the staff and tech department were really helpful even on the weekend
thank you so much for all i would by it again from them
thank you

Great to add CarPlay to 2016 Infiniti QX60

The addition of CarPlay to my 2016 Infiniti QX60 is working well. I installed the product and the usb conversion kit to the center console myself. The process was not too terribly difficult. I had never pulled the panels on the vehicle before and the YouTube videos from Unavi helped quite a bit.

I did end up knocking one clip off though and did not find it, but the pieces all went back together just fine without the one screw that will not tighten.

I am very pleased with the product and this fixes the worst thing about the vehicle.

Feels like OEM

You will swear the CarPlay was installed at the factory. It works exactly the same and looks great in my 2020 pathfinder. I installed it myself, the only real tough part is adding some components to the factory display. Go slow, take your time and you can accomplish this install. The team at Unavi is amazing, quick text to them and they answer any and all questions. Amazing customer service.

Online Customer service was great.

Unavi Personnel and Installers were great. I’ve had the car play system Installed a week now. Everything is still working as well as expected. The only concern I had was that the Estimated installation time given was three hours, it took a little over four; other than that it was a great job.

Very very unhappy!

The unit was installed today at a Hyundai dealer. It does not work properly. I can not even do the most basic functions like change the time or date. The voice navigation can’t be heard with the radio on and can barely be heard with the radio off. I notified the dealer and was told that the service manager will call me tomorrow and I should bring the car back on Saturday. It’s very possible that they did not install it properly, but I also believe the unit is defective.

Hello Arthur,
We're sorry you are experiencing issues with the unit. For the navigation sound, you can listen to it through the factory speaker if you set the car to AUX mode. As for the date/time, some vehicles' date/time set automatically by the RTC (Real-Time Clock) module built into the GPS receiver, while others need manual adjustment to the clock from the radio setup. If you’re unable to adjust the time on your radio using Unavi’s CLOCK application, we advise you refer to your vehicle's factory user’s manual on setting date/time. Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions or concerns. We are here from 8AM - 4:30PM PST. And thank you for taking the time to leave a review with us - it helps our team do things better.

Great device work well, installation was not as easy. I-knob is a must-have.

If you plan to install by yourself, I suggest you find the same video from Youtube so you can easily adjust play speed, do not play the video from provided Google drive (painful to freeze frame and no way to slow down). Opened up console was quick (15 min), assemble IC board to main unit took an hour (took my time to follow a not-so-clear direction), installation and put back took another 1+ hours because my car has more factory component than shown in the video, I have to try harder to squeeze everything behind the screen. Tech support were great, answer my text during late night and early morning within minutes. After trouble shooting by the tech support, I reconnected one clip and made it work! I have to purchase i-Knob after finding out it is needed to use the control wheel on the car. I highly recommend getting i-knob when ordering, otherwise you will have to open the console again to install later. Overall a tough task for me but very rewarding result.

Defently needed

Generaly drate system
Delivery and shipment was grate
2 cables are not in instructions and in installation papers does nit apear.
Wireless is only for ios and not for android (advertizing is a beat confusing about it)
Beside that grate system and works well.

question about carplay

would if fit a 2013 mini cooper s countryman? i do have a screen display but it’s not touch screen

Hello Maya,
Please send us your vehicle yr/make/model, and picture of the vehicle screen with the car on either via text (714) 643-5704 or e-mail and we can confirm compatibility with a few questions. Thank you for your interest and look forward to speaking to you!

Apple CarPlay 2013 Mercedes GL450 - Good product but has quirks

Overall a great addition to my 2013 GL450. One issue I have is that after it is installed, I get great experience for maps, music and other integration with Siri (for example Microsoft Teams) but phone call sound quality has degraded to the point that it is not acceptable. I was told that it uses factory Bluetooth while on CarPlay but the sound quality is really bad when compared to not using CarPlay. What is wrong with my Setup?

Hello Nilesh,
We've contacted you regarding your concern. We hope we've clarified the issue about the phone call quality. Our system allows you to make phone calls using the Mercedes-Benz Bluetooth feature, therefore the call quality is not affected. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to demonstrate this ability on our system and your phone. Please keep in touch with us for any further questions!

Great product!

Amazing support and company
… would definitely refer to friends and family

As advertised

Flawless is all I can say worked as advertised, I didn't think it was possible. After losing InTouch for my q50 , did my research and this is 10xs better . Brings life to your system .

Great company to work with!

I was super skeptical to purchase the system because I had never heard of them but decided to take a chance. Ordering the product was simple and whoever I talked to walked me through setting up my account and getting pricing, they were super helpful and nice. The product worked really well but had a couple issues that immediately made me think I knew I shouldn’t have taken the chance with these guys but I called in to tech support and they were AMAZING, walked me through everything and decided to send me a new system which then worked perfectly! Every step up the process working with this company was exceptional!

Mini Cooper 2014

We got the CarPlay and love it. It makes the older car more versatile.



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