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Works as advertised

Works good. The YouTube install video needs to be updated as it’s 2 minutes and doesn’t cover anything. The directions via the web link could also be done better, I understand this is geared for installers, but as a former installer I thought the directions were awful. Once completed the box worked well, overall happy with the product.

Awesome and got it in time

Wish there were more vendors. I have to drive 3 hours away and it will be 3 weeks before I can get it installed. Other than that the purchase and cost were great!

Nissan 2020 Pathfinder Carplay

It works well, obviously with it being after market it has a few glitches. The only thing negative i can say about it was lack of instruction which made it semi difficult to install but manageable. Proud of final product.


I have recently had the UNAVI installed for my 2014 MB E350. The original MB display got connected to the new CarPlay unit made by UNAVI. Now the dated MB graphics got replaced with the iOS Carplay graphics in full color! Looks amazing! Looks just like a brand new car's display. I hope nothing breaks in the future, so far I am very satisfied! Highly recommended!

Best product ever !

This product is awesome ! I have a q5 2016. Just wow !!!

Nissan Maxima 2016 carplay/android auto

I am excited with the product. I only have one problem, when I use carplay I lose the audio from the car and everything starts to be heard in a small speaker that comes in the kit. that's not nice.

Hello Jose,
We are sorry the unit is not working out as you expected. One of our tech support team members will be in contact with you to get more info and see what we can do. Also, please make sure you are in AUX mode on the Nissan side for sound as well. Thank you for taking the time to leave a review with us, we truly appreciate it, it helps us improve.

Pro Install Fee

The price of $300 seems fair and reasonable for the install. The entire install took about 2 hrs. Install quality very good. Everything is working as expected with CarPlay. But having issue with Android Auto. I think it’s a phone setting but have not been able to figure it out

Love it!!

Bought the 2019 Nissan Leaf (to replace the useless, brain dead unit that came with my s-type trim). Took about a week to get to me, on St. Thomas in the middle of the Caribbean. Installed the unit myself, took about an hour. Watched the install video and read the PDF install manual first, make sure you do that as that well - will make a big difference on how smoothly the install goes.

Ran into a couple of self-induced problems (bent pin on a connector, wrong bezel screws), the second one caused the LED on the home button to stop working. Everything else worked fine. After talking to Tech Support about the LED they sent me a replacement unit, no questions asked!

Pay attention the the screws you need to use - they give you screws that you'll use in place of the OEM screws you remove. It's pretty clear in the PDF manual (not the video) which ones to use where, but you have to look closely. Make sure you unpack everything and lay it out first, to make sure you're using the ones they want you to use in the places they want you to use them in.

The unit works very well, looks great, and gives me all of the functionality I was looking for. Very happy with the product, the company,

A little bit intimidating, but it works!!

I had serious apprehensions about installing this unit, especially after seeing that I would have to open up the factory touch screen!! YIKES!!!

Actually, if you're even just somewhat mechanically inclined, YOU CAN DO IT! Just GO SLOW and make sure you WATCH THE VIDEOS and pause as you go...I sadly had to contact customer support and (of course!) if I had just simply continued with the video and followed the instructions my "problem" would have fixed itself, as I hadn't completely followed the directions yet.

This kit works just like any factory Android Auto would, but with a couple *tiny* quirks, both of which really don't bother me, because the alternative would be no Android Auto at all. The main quirk is when you're in Android Auto mode, if you want to do anything with the climate control that required the touch screen (changing requested themostat temp, for example), you just need to quickly go back into OEM mode and do your thing...the music, or nav, or whatever will keep doing its thing, and when you're done you just go back to the Android Auto node if you prefer to be there (in maps, Pandora, or what have you.)

The other quirk was that to get the audio I have to have the OEM mode set to iPod mode (or AUX mode in other models)...not exactly an intuitive setting if you're an Android guy, but once you set it there, you forget it UNLESS you want to listen to the radio or XM or whatever other mode you have. Just know that when you go back to Android Auto (or presumably Carplay) you need to re-select iPod as your audio input.

NOT A BIG DEAL, but a small step that isn't necessary in an OEM setting...having said that, I'm very happy with what I have. I bought a 2020 Nissan Armada for $29K and after adding this module and a couple other goodies I am under $30K to have the EXACT same vehicle a friend bought with Carplay/Android Auto for over $70K!!! That's a win!

So, to wrap up this lengthy review: the GOOD:
You get Carplay/Android Auto where you couldn't possibly have it at all. It behaves (for the most part) the same...just a couple more button pushes in certain instances.

The BAD: There is no way to sugar-coat it, this is downright SCARY to tear into your vehicle and then go even crazier and open up the factory touch screen!! BUT, it really wan't very hard at all, and so long as you are not reckless it's really not bad. If you're mechanically inclined or have a friend who is, don't hesitate and jump in and do this. Just go slow, be careful, and follow the directions...even us mere mortals can do it! I've very glad I did!

It sounded too good to be true

This unit is the BOMB! Totally professional service, expertly designed, and perfectly integrated into the existing Mercedes COMAND system. I was skeptical of their claims, but after installing this unit in our 2014 ML350 I can tell you that it far exceeds my expectations. If you are a Pre-Carplay Mercedes owner I highly recommend UNAVi to upgrade your ride.

Integrates very well with my 2020 Infiniti QX Pure

This video was the most helpful. Note: You can start the disassembly like shown in the 2nd video, but the rest of the details in this one are better.
The initial disassembly and the re-assembly shown in this one was useful:
The wiring clips are more difficult to release that what it appears in the videos. Note that there are generally little release tabs that may be covered by a protective shroud on the connectors. There's not a great video I've found that shows these so be sure to look for the release tabs.
I also used the USB Mount extension cable but wired it to the front cigarette plug rather than the console one to be more convenient.
This did no harm to the original functionality, and allows the OEM equipment to do wired and wireless CarPlay - which Nissan should have supported originally. I'm very happy with how well this integrated.

Mini apple CarPlay

They were very thorough getting us the correct unit for our car, looking forward to the install by a qualified installer in our area.

2016 Lexus nx200t

Installation was easy with some tools and helpful YouTube videos. Using the manual it took a bit of figuring out how to have the setup of the toggle switches for your specific model. The touchpad on the car does not work very well with this unit. The movement on touchpad does not translate with the unit and it is extremely annoying after paying double of what other units you can find on alibaba. Not that those units don’t have their share of problems. For almost 700 you’d want it to work flawlessly with your car make and model.

Hello Amey,
We are sorry the unit is not working out as you expected. We can have one of our tech team contact you to offer some tips on how to make it easier to use. The Lexus joystick seems to be an known issue even with OEM use as we have heard from customers before they install the system. Thank you for taking the time to leave a review with us, we truly appreciate it, it helps us improve.
Please see our tips on using/adjusting the joystick:

Ultimately Satisfied

Although there was a bit of setback completing the integration of the system the technicians worked diligently to complete the upgrade. Once it was completed the system is exactly what I expected. Cudos to Pedro and Jimmy for all their help in getting the job done.

Nissan pathfinder 2017

Thank you Unavi for a great product! I'm very satisfied! The technician from Unavi installed the new CarPlay for me and explained everything. Both control and connection are very easy and everything looks great. 100% satisfaction, this is the best thing I could have done for my car.

Great Experience

Install was great! Called me and asked if I wanted it installed before Christmas!

CarPlay Special Install fee* by Unavi Pro Installer

Great experience with installer in Dallas, TX

The installer was professional, courteous, and performed the installation quickly and flawlessly. He even took the time to demonstrate how the system worked.

Great way to get Car Play on 2019 Nissan Pathfinder

Overall works great! There are a few quirks and feature requests if an update ever comes out: Would have liked climate screen popup to show like the volume popup does when a climate change is made. The added speaker to hear Car play audio when using the factory radio is a great idea, but I wish it was louder & clearer. Would be nice if back button on dash would work for passenger to use to switch screens.

Nissan Pathfinder 2020 - Works Great

I had the system installed today by Stop Thief - Brian Sherwood - Houston, TX. He did a great job installing and then explaining how it works. Since then we've driven the vehicle quite a bit and everything works as described. We are very happy with the product, how it works and appreciate Brian's professionalism. A professional installation is the best way to go.

Great product

I installed this yesterday and it went very well. Tried it out and it fills out the Lexus screen perfectly. I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that it wasn't just wired apple carplay, it is also wireless. I missed that when I ordered, but this makes it even better than expected. Great addition to a car that we plan on keeping for a long time.

Works great, seamless experience

Upgraded my nav system on Mercedes-Benz GL 550 to have CarPlay via Unavi -- paid for the professional installation (highly recommend) -- experiences was seamless, device arrived shortly after I ordered, and a week later it was professionally installed and works great -- why spend an extra $20k-$50k to buy a 2020's model car when you can upgrade a 2010's era model with all of the same features except CarPlay, and now you can upgrade it



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