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The UNAVI system makes my 10 year old SL550 look like a modern car!

The Logic 7 stereo in my 2013 Mercedes Benz SL550 sounded great, however, it was lacking the convenience of Apple Carplay and Android Auto. I installed the UNAVI system in the car last weekend and I'm impressed with the quality of this device and the wiring harnesses. The only issue I had during installation was adjusting the DIP switches. I was told by UNAVI customer service that the device would arrive with the correct DIP switches thrown, however, I had to change one switch setting to get the video screen to work. Once adjusted, it worked perfectly. One side note, with the mirroring application on the home screen, you can play videos on your dash screen (not that you should while driving). I am a very satisfied customer.

qx30 2016

I am confused, does it works on QX30 year 2016?
Main photo shows models 2017-19 and on the side 2015-19.
Thank you.

Our system works for 2017-2019 QX30.
Thank you

Helpful and efficient

Ordering parts for my husbands car was tricky, but they were helpful and called to confirm I was getting the right thing.

Save time and money, do it right (Unavi) the 1st time

I tried to save $150 with a cheaper version from china, but no support, wrong instruction video and incompatible sub-board made me return (at my cost). Unavi has responsive support, great video instructions and everything works. Should have saved time and money and done it right the 1st time.

Very Happy!! - 2011 E550 Sedan

Very, very happy with the end result!! Works perfectly and just as described. Siri takes voice commands over the factory microphone seamlessly and the audio quality is fantastic. All factory functions are maintained. Reverse camera displays just as quickly as it did before the system was installed. My low mileage 2011 E550 sedan has been effortlessly updated with 2023 tech making it basically perfect :)

My only critiques are the install instructions are not super clear nor model specific and it seems you have to switch over to the MB Bluetooth on the iPhone itself for audio on incoming calls to work (this might be user error, not sure).
Words of advice to other W212 sedan owners: you will need to drop the glove box in order to facilitate a permanent mounting position for the box and the wiring harness is bulky which leaves little room to re-insert the factory head unit. Also make sure the fiber cable clips back in place when moved into the new harness, and if you have no audio during testing like I did, roll the fiber and re-insert, doing so solved the no audio issue for me. Lastly, in the first 24 hours of use I'm finding the wireless connectivity to the phone is flawless and see no need for the USB cable in my use case.

I hesitated for over a year about doing this mod, but I'm so glad I finally pulled the trigger and have it installed! If you're on the fence, don't wait, just do it!

Great upgrade to Mercedes ML400

Had the UNAVI installed in my 2015 Mercedes ML400 by my local installer. The installation took about 3 hours since center console needed removal to access AMI port . Instalation and was a flawless. The installer was able to plug into the AMI port without a dangling wire and installed a fixed USB port in the console for a very clean installation .In photo attached, the upper USB is OEM Mercede sport, in middle is AMI used by UNAVI and at bottom is new USB port for UNAVI wired connection. The integration with the existing Merceds controls worked as described and uses the existing car microphone instead of adding another mike as other boxes require. Very happy with purchase.

2017 Porsche Macan S

Great product! I wish I could find out how to get the Porsche app on my display like the one in your advertisement, but other than that it’s great!

2018 Infiniti Q60 self installation

The self installation instructions and installation videos need to be updated but I figured it out and works perfect. Audio quality is not as great playing through CarPlay but I’m able to use the OEM Bluetooth for audio for best OEM sound performance and still use the CarPlay on screen. It has satisfied my needs.

It just works!

Excellent solution to add CarPlay to my Q50 — I used certified installation which was great. I added the control knob, too, which is extremely useful given the way the touchscreen is oriented. Wired, wireless, the control knob, integrated audio…it just works…exactly as it’s supposed to, like an OEM solution!

2014 Infinity QX80 install

Just installed a couple of weeks ago. So far, very pleased. The videos were very helpful. The system is basically "plug-n-play" and with the accompanying videos installation was straightforward. Works great too! Still maintains all OEM functions and integrates well the OEM features. Great product!

Wireless carplay

I bought a wireless CarPlay for my 2016 Lexus Rx350. I love it. Works great. I would recommend to anyone

question for -Will that work on 2019 qx60 that’s not originally equipped with navigation.

Will that work on 2019 qx60 that’s not originally equipped with navigation. Thank you

Hello, yes our system will work with your QX60, just needs touchscreen. Please see the link below to purchase. Thank you


Took about 2 hrs to install. It can probably be installed in less than an hour but I am slow. Unit does not come with any literature. I should have printed, instead of watching and reading on my phone. Easy install. Online instructions were spot on. Unit does work as advertised, although not 100% like a new car Apple Play does - it's very close. No complaints. No issues. Much cheaper to install one of there in a good older car ('13 Audi Q5) than buying a new car!! Nice product all around. Very well built!! All the factory Audi controls work fine.

Effing amazing with some caveats but not feature blocker

This is probably the most quintessential upgrade for your Pathfinder. The instructions on the youtube video were extremely helpful and I got the system running on my 2019 Pathfinder within 3 hours! Once you set up your mobile phone as the primary device for Android Auto or Carplay, the screen automatically switches to CarPlay or Auto. It feels pretty seamless to be honest :-). Here are some pros and cons:

- Carplay/Android auto on your Pathfinder! It almost feels OEM like
- Switching via the back button on your steering wheel works like a charm.
- Backup camera switches relatively seamlessly!
- Volume UI shows how much you can adjust your volume as you adjust the knob or press the volume switches on your steering wheel

- The external speaker can be a bit quiet if you have your radio set to anything other than 'iPod' (e.g. - fm, sirius). Would be great if there were a firmware update to make it louder.
- You have to switch between the OEM Ui to properly adjust Climate control. It's not too bad, but would have been a nice to have to easily adjust temps from the Carplay view.
- I kind of wish the center infotainment directional pad or wheel could still be used. Maybe a firmware update or a upgrade module could be in order somewhere down the line :-).

Overall, although the unit is a bit pricy ($599 + tax), you are definitely getting what you paid for. You can think of it as adding an extra "smart" infortainment package to your vehicle. They also have reasonable payment plans thanks to the Shop app. I'm just super happy to futureproof my SUV for years to come :-)

They made the impossible, POSSIBLE!

I had been looking for a while for solutions to replace the stock Nissan Pathfinder radio. Nobody seemed to have a system to replace it. Did some Googling and reading and voila - UNAVI to the rescue!

The install went very well. The video install is excellent, with one minor exception. Undo your negative terminal so you don't have power and have to listen to the dinging the WHOLE video. lol

Teardown went suprisingly very easily thanks to the video. It was the quickest of the four parts.

The video then takes you through a bench session where you tear the screen apart to apply the daughterboard application. Pay close attention to the cable routing towards the end. That held me up for a bit. Overall, this part was about 30% of the work.

The third phase, the reinstallation of the screen and routing of all the cable isn't too terribly difficult - again thanks to the videos. Pay careful attention to routing of the cables in the right directions. This part too was pretty simple thanks to the video.

The final phase, is putting all the car back together and testing the stereo. Controls are pretty smooth for the most part once you figure out how to get to the airplay/carplay screens and back to the native controls.

All-in-all it was a pretty easy process thanks to the great installation video.

Thanks for a great producct!

Q50 android auto module.

Works great . Fast delivery. Responsive customer support.

Exceptional Customer Service! 19 Rx350 F Sport W/Nav

I was about an hour or so away from their will call location in Tustin, the gentleman assisted me with a time that I can arrive and pick it up right before they close. He was super friendly and recommended me to a video on their youtube channel showing how to use the system with my car. They even helped me with an issue I ran into when installing the unit myself and solved the problem for me quick!

I had a really bad experience with another company, GROM. but this is by far the way to go!

Awesome upgrade.

I love my 2015 Lexus NX200t but missed CarPlay desperately. The upgrade module works flawlessly and I couldn’t be happier with the product.

Update completed and working great!

Installation video spot on. Install went smoothly. Great to have Apple Play in my 2020 Nissan Pathfinder as I have become accustomed to it in my Nissan Maxima. Not exactly OEM but close enough. Just have to get used to toggling back and forth from my OEM screen to Apple Play screen. One issue is the volume on the external speaker is very low. Have not figured out if there is a setting to increase volume on it yet. Hoping I will not have to relocate that speaker to an external location so It can be heard.

Great CarPlay Add-on for a BMW X5

Pretty straight forward to install and a huge upgrade to the OEM 2013 platform on the BMW X5. Few kinks to be expected but tech support was engaged throughout the process. The support alone makes this purchase a no brainer. Simple software upgrade and we were off to the races. This is the second unit from UNavi. Installed a CarPlay unit in my wife’s 2016 Mercedes GLC also also and we are pleased. Great image quality as well. Surprised how great it looked on the older X5. If you are looking for an after market CarPlay for your vehicle these are great units.

i-knob for operating gear knob controller of Infiniti Q50(2015-20), Q60(2017-19), QX50(2018-20)


Great customer service and a quality product. Well worth the cost as it functions like an OEM application and car is even better with wireless CarPlay functionality. Love it thank you!