Columbus Day Sale | Apple CarPlay for INFINITI QX56 2011-2013 | Wired & Wireless | CarPlay & Android Auto Update Module

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2011-2013 Infiniti QX56 – Upgrade and retrofit Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto module : Aftermarket CarPlay 'UNAVI ANYWAY GO'

We now have the ability to upgrade this incredibly requested feature to certain types of Infiniti radio for QX56. This plug-n-play motherboard can now update Apple CarPlay / Google Android Auto to the Infiniti QX56 2011, 2012, and 2013 models.


Our Apple CarPlay & Google Android Auto system 'Unavi Anyway Go' is over 99% similar to OEM Infiniti CarPlay and Android Auto that.


infiniti qx60 carplay android auto

carplay android auto for infiniti qx60 

- INFINITI® is a registered trademark of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
- Apple CarPlay®, Siri®, and iPhone® are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. Also, Apple Maps™ and Apple Music™ are trademarks of Apple Inc.
- Android Auto™ is a trademark of Google LLC. 

You can meet our CarPlay & Android Auto products at selected Infiniti Showrooms or certified used car shops.

How to Install:

  1. Find nearby local shops to view installation offers and pricing. If you wanna take help with install, please confirm our UNAVI dealer/installer locater  (Currently, we are updating our dealer locater list) or contact us.
  2. UNAVI systems come with a DIY Installation Guide (professional installation is recommended by UNAVI) (DIY installations have no supply to warranty).

Contact UNAVI (855) 558-6284 or email for more information.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 54 reviews
Janel McElhinney
Wish I'd purchased sooner

Absolutely LOVE my new UNAVI system! Wish that I had purchased the systems sooner. Had it installed at the local UNAVI installation provider, it was smooth and easy. They did an excellent job. My one and only complaint is that when I answer the phone in apple play, the reverb for the person on the other end is awful. I have to back out of apple play and answer the phone on my cars Bluetooth system.

Charlie Silverberg

Columbus Day Sale | Apple CarPlay for INFINITI QX50 2016-2019 | Wired & Wireless | CarPlay & Android Auto Update Module

Crashes a few time and joystick is hard to control

I have driven with the CarPlay for about 3-4 times, and it seems to show a blank black screen sometimes until you restart your car. The joystick is also hard to control this interface, but I think that's a known issue/design restrictions. Sometimes when the joystick is all the way to the left, the selection is still on the right.

When it works, it works great on the 2017 Lexus RX. The wireless carplay connects fairly fast. The display look pretty good as well, and so is the audio. Since I usually drive with maps and music, I think it's easiest to leave it on that screen and ask Siri for tasks. If I were to make this purchase again, I may consider Beat-Sonic since they utilize a mouse pointer.

Hello Roy,
We are sorry the unit is not working as you expected. One of our tech support team members will be in contact with you to get more info and see what we can do. Thank you for taking the time to leave a review with us, we truly appreciate it.


Columbus Day Sale | Apple CarPlay for INFINITI QX80 2015-2019 | Wired & Wireless | CarPlay & Android Auto Update Module

William Cullen
Audi Q3 2018

Straight forward to install. Great instructional videos online.
Works perfectly! Significant improvement on OEM infotainment. Brings my Audi up to date. I am very pleased with the retrofit

2022 UNAVI Confidence Challenge

No Need to Hesitate on Your Unavi Purchase
Try it out!! We guarantee you will love it!!
If you are not satisfied Unavi Provides:

FREE RETURNS Guaranteed within 30 Days, whether you use the product or not.*

* 30 Day Return does not include parts or accessories
* Installation & Removal Cost are not covered
* Valid from date of purchase on

What is the OEM-integrated
Infiniti CarPlay Retrofit System?

Our Infiniti CarPlay(Android Auto) product line caters to people wanting to add Apple CarPlay or Android Auto without the enormous expense to purchase a new car with built-in OEM CarPlay.
Our mission is to ensure all technology features from the factory are retained.
UNAVI is dedicated to the development and US local service of our simple Plug-n-Play installation, repair, and technical assistance by the industry’s professionals via our Nationwide Dealer Network.

CHOICE #1 Wired CarPlay for Infiniti

When connected to an iPhone with a cable to CarPlay, the radio unit has recognized the input source with iPod Source, and then output, so sound out is more closer to the original sound without output value loss.
Please consider with this option if you want to enjoy better quality sounds of Shopify, YouTube Music, and Pandora apps.

CHOICE #2 Wireless CarPlay for Infiniti

If you want the convenience and comfort of a wireless connection, our wireless CarPlay for Infiniti is maybe the perfect choice for you.
Get out from the stress of a wired connection and enjoy the freedom of wireless CarPlay for Infiniti.

No Need to Waste Your Time and Money! Buy Real Local Service and Trust!

ANYTIME, you could buy cheaper CarPlay/Android Auto retrofit products from the largest online stores than Unavi.
However, the biggest issue with these cheap products is their quality or A/S is poor because of almost shipping from China. At the very worst, you can never take to refund or exchange despite defective issue.
They are too far away from you. Even at this moment, so many customers who made the wrong choice are fall in exhausting and painful.


Most all online stores and marketplaces are flooded with cheap and low-quality aftermarket Android Auto / Apple CarPlay products that ship from China. Many customers fall victim to the extremely low and discounted prices offered by these vendors. To make things worse, many of these customers try DIY installations since many professional shops turn down installation inquiries for these types of low-grade products, knowing that there will be issues associated with them.

Some are lucky. There is a chance that these customers find a friendly vendor, a good discount, and also get good customer service. Sometimes, the installation process goes smoothly and the product doesn’t have any issues. Truth is, most of the customers that buy online from these vendors end up with bad service and a bad product, leading to writing negative reviews and wasted time.

While these discounted products are attractive due to the low prices, often times, they are defective from the get-go. They have an unstable connection to your smartphone, which leads to freezing, re-booting, or just a dead unit. This is due to bad quality control measures.

Sometimes, the product does work as advertise but after using it for some time, problems may start to come up after a week or a month of using it. To make matters worse, it is sometimes very difficult to get technical and warranty support from the vendor.


Vendors from China are known to simply throw in a single sheet of paper with instructions that aren’t even in English or written in poor English.
There is no real troubleshooting offered for simple issues and problems.

The reality is that these vendors have never been on the front lines. They’ve never been to an American install shop to witness the process that installers go through to ensure a successful installation. They are not here to really see the problems US customers encounter with their products. Their return policies are so limited so getting a refund or exchange is very unlikely.



As the Official Tier 1 Supplier of Infiniti/Nissan Korea CarPlay and Navigation Systems, we count on highly-stringent quality management procedures that is implemented systematically across all of our processes.
This applies to our production of OEM electronic components. Our standards surpass those of quality control processes found with car manufacturers.
These measures are implemented during several points in Korea and the US: Raw Materials Receiving InspectionProduction Inspection – Export InspectionUS Receiving InspectionFinal Inspection before shipping to consumer.


Orders are shipped out using UPS and USPS out of Tustin, CA within one to two business days on average.
Customers who purchase from UNAVI would only receive products that have undergone all of these strict quality control measures.
Additionally, customers can expect to receive customer and technical support from our Tustin office, which has been providing customer service and support since 2009.
We are proud to offer a 2-year warranty on our CarPlay products in addition to a free 30-day return policy.

Our products are plug-and-play systems, which are easy to install for any car stereo specialist.
Furthermore, we have a nationwide installation partners available throughout some of the major US cities that offer discounted installation rates available on our website.

Once the product is installed, its life expectancy is about the same of the vehicle and its systems.
All of these CarPlay systems appear to be the same on the outside, but it is the company behind these products that make a difference.
That is why so many people seek to buy UNAVI products, not just for CarPlay, but for the overall service and experience!

How do I go about the CarPlay installation?

Although you can DIY install our products, we highly recommend you visit a professional shop.There are currently hundreds of install shops nationwide that have experienced installing our products. Use the Installer Locator below to find one of these install shops closest to you. If you need help finding an install shop, please feel free to contact us for further information. Thank you.

Help with install

Looking for a professional CarPlay installer?

Check out our Unavi Pro Installer! They provide high-quality install backed by years of experience at a competitive pricing. Simply purchase the Unavi installation option by adding it to your cart, and our Unavi Pro Installer will contact you to set up an install appointment.

Unavi PRO Installer Locator


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