How to Install:

UNAVI CarPlay is designed to integrate with your car's existing features and maintain the OEM look. To get it installed, here are some ways to do it:

1. Professionally installed with a Pro Shop or Verified Installer: Check out our Installer Locator below to see a list of UNAVI Pro Installers and verified installers.

2. Professionally installed with any car stereo / car audio installer near you: Check online for installers near you. Our systems are plug-and-play so most all installers can get the job done!

3. DIY (Do-It-Yourself): Some of our customers are comfortable taking apart their car and installing our systems on their own using our installation reference guides. We are here to help if you need it!

CarPlay Installation Cost

Installation costs vary by region and by installer.
Usually pricing goes anywhere between $300 and $600.
Standard cost of living, regional taxes, and other economical factors affect the price.
As the customer, you do have the power to shop.
We recommend choosing an installer who you have confidence in and also has good online reviews.

Where to install

If you filter by ' UNAVI PRO INSTALLERoption before searching, you can search for only Unavi Pro Installer stores close by.

1. Verified Installers: These are car electronics stores and mobile technicians that have done at least a few installations for our CarPlay systems and dash cameras. We have worked closely with these installers and are very familiar with our systems. They offer competitive pricing and great customer service!

2. Unavi Pro Installers: These are our certified partners who we have been working very closely on not just installations, but also product improvement, marketing, and brand awareness. You can select to add their installation service to your shopping cart along with your CarPlay purchase. A representative will reach out to schedule your appointment!

Limited-time offer* : Special Install fee for Apple CarPlay & Android Auto
* Apply to Pro Installer shops only
* Available to purchase within Unavi website only

3. Authorized Dealerships: These are our dealership partners who have vetted our products and offer them to their customers. You can bundle product and installation with your new car or used car purchase. Inquire with your sales, finance, or service representative!

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4. DIY: Some of our end-users have installed our CarPlay products and dash cameras by themselves. Our CarPlay products come with installation manuals and videos to assist car electronics technicians with the install process. If you are up for the challenge of taking your dash apart, then we can help with the rest as our technicians are also available via text to help.

5. Can't find an installer close enough to you? Let us know!
Our systems are plug-and-play, making it easy for any car electronics technician to install.
Inquire with your closest car audio / electronics installer.

- E-mail:
- Free Toll: 855-558-6284

Installing yourself?

We provide installation kits to customers that are interested in DIY install. The tools in this kit will allow for a smoother install.

If you were to purchase one, we will send you the tools necessary to install in your vehicle make/model from the tools shown.

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Installation Tools Kit for CarPlay & Navigation
Installation Tools Kit for CarPlay & Navigation
Installation Tools Kit for CarPlay & Navigation
Installation Tools Kit for CarPlay & Navigation
Installation Tools Kit for CarPlay & Navigation
Installation Tools Kit for CarPlay & Navigation
Installation Tools Kit for CarPlay & Navigation
Installation Tools Kit for CarPlay & Navigation

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