Nissan Leaf OEM certified CarPlay Radio
for 2018 to 2021

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Nissan Korea's Tier #1 Certified OEM-integrated CarPlay Radio

Nissan OEM Certified Built-in Multimedia Player & Radio

Our AVN System is designed to fully integrate into your Leaf's interior and finish.
Our product is Tier 1 approved by Nissan Korea. It is not your traditional aftermarket piece. The difference between traditional aftermarket navigation and Unavi Navigation Systems is that Unavi retains OEM radio and features and technology, including any infotainment and telematics features from the manufacturer, and is compatible with Apple CarPlay as well as Android Auto.

Apple CarPlay

Android Auto

  • OEM-integrated CarPlay multi-media radio system
  • Infiniti Global Certified Manufacturer
  • 2-Year Standard Warranty
  • Tier #1 CarPlay Product of Nissan Korea
  • Compatible with 2018 to 2021 LEAF S model

Our systems retain FM/AM Radio, HD Radio*, Satellite XM Radio*, AUX/MP3 playback*, Bluetooth*, OEM backup camera*, NissanConnect*, steering wheel controls, climate controls, and much more (*if equipped). In other words, your radio and infotainment system will work the same after installation, with the newly added navigation feature.

With our AVN system, you can run Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, and use Waze, Google maps, or other navigation apps of your choice as you do on your phone.
Also, our multimedia AVN system is made basis on android OS, so it has better expandability than a OEM factory radio. With Unavi, you can use apps such as Pandora, Spotify, WhatsApp, etc based on your preferences.

Why pay for a High Trim Nissan Leaf?

Add Unavi to your Standard LEAF!


Factory OEM CarPlay System

Image source : Youtube "Nissan Owner Channel"

Unavi CarPlay Radio System for LEAF S

Our AVN system has been supplied to Nissan Korea's Leaf 2018+ as a Tier 1 OEM product and our manufacturer is a Infiniti Global certified navigation system vendor via Infiniti Korea. We pride ourselves in stability and quality.


OEM-integrated Apple CarPlay & Android Auto


Apple CarPlay

Google Android Auto


Use your favorite apps in your car!

Google Maps, Waze, Spotify, WhatsApp etc.

Use your favorite Apple CarPlay or Android Auto apps like Google Maps, Waze, Pandora, Spotify, WhatsApp and Audible by connecting your phone through the USB and enabling Nissan Leaf's OEM integrated Apple CarPlay or Android Auto features.


Tier-1 OEM Supplier to Nissan Korea

We are a Infiniti Korea & Global certified manufacturer. This means we have supplied our CarPlay products directly to Infiniti Korea.
In addition, we have provides our CarPlay & navigation products to Infiniti Singapore and Infiniti New Zealand, etc.
Our technology has been recognized globally.

Our CarPlay products have been Tier-1 certified by Infiniti Korea, This means we have supplied our CarPlay products directly to Infiniti Korea.
Moreover, we have been supplying our
Tier-1 certified navigation products to Nissan Korea since 2013.
We have extensive servicing OEM manufacturers and been recognized by them.

And finally,
We offer
2-year warranty.
Also we provide local US customer and technical support.
We have been operating in the US since 2009 and take pride a wide network of 300+ shops and dealerships nationwide.


All-in-one(Audio-Video-Navigation) CarPlay Radio

  • CarPlay Stereo Radio (AVN) for Nissan Leaf (incl. Bezel)
  • Main Cable Type A x 1EA
  • Main Cable Type B x 1EA
  • AVN Side Bracket x 2EA (Left & Right)
  • Side Bracket Screw x 6EA
  • OEM Bezel Assembly Screw x 6EA
  • AUX Cable x 1EA
  • GPS Antenna x 1EA
  • Apple CarPlay Module x 1EA
  • CAN Box x 1EA
  • Anti-noise Foam Tapes