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*** How to Redeem ***

1. Choose shop Pay

Select 'Shop Pay' among the payment buttons, after choosing the promo item.

2. Choose installments

Select 'Pay in installments', not 'Pay now'.

3. Choose 12 months

Select '12 months' among payment plans, and screenshot this screen.
And get complete the payment procedure.
★★★ We'll get back 12 months of interest(As shown star-marked) cost at once!

4. Send a screenshot and get back the interest cost!

Send a screenshot image to us(TO: and we'll get back your total interest cost at once.
As a result, you can get the Unavi CarPlay for $54 per month! Without interest cost!!
★★★ Total interest amount displayed as shown may vary depending on the individual's credits, etc. But don't worry! We'll get back that interest all! 

As a result! You'll pay only $54.08 per month!
 $649 ÷ 12 months = $54.08! 
 No interest charge! 

We'll get back any interest cost!

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