What is the 1+1 BUNDLE option?


Why prepare the 1+1 BUNDLE option?

inquiries & requests

We continue to get inquiries from customers who don't have a screen in their car or don't want to spend much money.
We also found that many customers who purchased OEM-integrated CarPlay systems wanted to be able to use CarPlay in their second family car as well.

affordeble products
designed by experts 

We do not want our customers to suffer harm by purchasing low-cost portable CarPlay products produced without proper customer service or quality control.
Accordingly, we as CarPlay experts, decided to supply on-dash CarPlay that has been designed and quality control.

Why choose unavi?


Unavi USA, Inc. has been the OEM-integrated in-dash CarPlay & Android Auto expert company established in CA, US since 2009.

Our Online Orders Exceed 20K for In-Car Interface as CarPlay!

Unavi focuses on retaining factory features and searching for OEM-integrated know-how.
This is the reason for UNAVI being the in-dash type CarPlay expert.
And now we want to introduce a different type of CarPlay.
More affordable and able to portable - on-dash CarPlay device - UNAVI U-8801.
If you don't consider using the OEM factory screen, UNAVI U-8801 will be another smart choice.


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