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Not at all intuitive so without instructions it is a struggle

After much exploration and several attempts to get clear instructions, the voice navigation still isn’t working. SIRI commands works sporadically. I like the idea of this add on but not pleased with support or written instructions! Not worth the time or money.

Hello John,
We are sorry the unit is not working as you expected. One of our tech support team members will be in contact with you to get more info and see what we can do. Thank you for taking the time to leave a review with us, we truly appreciate it.

Apple CarPlay is Amazing!

Works perfectly! I absolutely love it! I had my son (mechanic) install while I went to Oktoberfest so that was a breeze too. May not have been so easy without a mechanic type skill set.

Wish I'd purchased sooner

Absolutely LOVE my new UNAVI system! Wish that I had purchased the systems sooner. Had it installed at the local UNAVI installation provider, it was smooth and easy. They did an excellent job. My one and only complaint is that when I answer the phone in apple play, the reverb for the person on the other end is awful. I have to back out of apple play and answer the phone on my cars Bluetooth system.

Columbus Day Sale | Apple CarPlay for INFINITI QX50 2016-2019 | Wired & Wireless | CarPlay & Android Auto Update Module

Crashes a few time and joystick is hard to control

I have driven with the CarPlay for about 3-4 times, and it seems to show a blank black screen sometimes until you restart your car. The joystick is also hard to control this interface, but I think that's a known issue/design restrictions. Sometimes when the joystick is all the way to the left, the selection is still on the right.

When it works, it works great on the 2017 Lexus RX. The wireless carplay connects fairly fast. The display look pretty good as well, and so is the audio. Since I usually drive with maps and music, I think it's easiest to leave it on that screen and ask Siri for tasks. If I were to make this purchase again, I may consider Beat-Sonic since they utilize a mouse pointer.

Hello Roy,
We are sorry the unit is not working as you expected. One of our tech support team members will be in contact with you to get more info and see what we can do. Thank you for taking the time to leave a review with us, we truly appreciate it.

Columbus Day Sale | Apple CarPlay for INFINITI QX80 2015-2019 | Wired & Wireless | CarPlay & Android Auto Update Module

Apple car play

The issue I’m having car play works ok as long as I have it hooked to my cars USB port. The other problem when I try to answer a call, I have to manually switch it to the cars Bluetooth to talk on phone. Will give them another couple of days to return message.
Update. Did not realize that tech support closes at 400 pm pacific time.
Unavi contacted today and problem is fixed changed to 4 stars. Product works great with Apple Maps and streaming music. Phone calls are connecting with the system. Navi unit will occasionally disconnect and will have to go into settings to reconnect. Sirius XM app loses connection frequently.

Hello Scott,
We are sorry the unit is not working as you expected. You had messaged us after hours and one of our tech support team members will be in contact with you during business hours to get more info and see what we can do. Thank you for taking the time to leave a review with us, we truly appreciate it.

Great product & Great service!!

I got my CarPlay module from UNAVI and paid for the installation also. UNAVI customer service was so helpful before my purchase, making sure I got the correct module for my car. Took it to Derek at Premier Auto Design and he was wonderful!! Did a great job on the installation making sure we were happy with everything. He even took time to help me with tech issues a few days later! My CarPlay is working great & I love it!!! Highly recommend UNAVI!!


One of the easiest dash cameras to down load and view videos from. The videos can be Wi-Fi directly to the phone and sent via email or text. Crystal clear video and audio. Very impressed

Install Labor Fee: 2ch
David Herrera
Installation of My UNAVI

Great installation. About 98% of unit hidden behind my rear view mirror. Works really well.

Exceeded my expectations!

The navigation system (F1) was installed in my Kia Soul last week. To say the least, I was just a little anxious about the install and whether the radio would perform as advertised. Well, I am pleased to say that the install was truly plug-and-play. It took the technician about an hour and a half to do the install and test the unit. It looks absolutely beautiful in the dash: better than the factory-installed unit! I've been playing with the F1 now for about a week and I can truly say that it does indeed retain all the OEM radio features and technology. The GPS works flawlessly and has as many, if not more, features as my Garmin navigator. The radio functions perform beautifully, and the UVO (voice command) works perfectly. I give the unit a ten out of ten for its functionality and for the install. This is one of the best enhancements I have made of my Soul. I would also like to complement customer service. I communicated with them on several occasions during the purchase and install. They were very courteous and very timely in getting me the information I needed. Again, I am well-pleased!

Audi Q3 2018

Straight forward to install. Great instructional videos online.
Works perfectly! Significant improvement on OEM infotainment. Brings my Audi up to date. I am very pleased with the retrofit

Very good product

I got it installed in 2hs, I have no experience but I was easy to follow the steps. Look at the videos, look at the instructions, do it twice! If I have to highlight a "tricky" part would be the disconnection/connection of the flat cables on the circuit. Google how to do that and you will see how to "unlock" the connectors. I am happy with the product, I like having my Armada upgraded.

Great purchase

Finished a DIY install over the weekend. Great product, highly satisfied. Would recommend to any infiniti qx60 owner. Quick response to questions, and helpful videos.

My Armada is Alive !!!

Anyone that owns a Nissan Armada knows how depressing are even the trips to the Store, outdated navigation system, very unappealing radio screen, etc, so this time I decided to use the Unavi system on my 2019 Armada instead of ordering the module from the Fitting Bay in Australia (I had it on my 2017 Armada that I trade for the 2019 Model 3 years ago) and after sorting up a little issue due to the “upgraded” monitor on my Armada, I finally installed a week ago, very easy to do it by yourself even if you are not too mechanical incline as long you follow instructions, so far I’m happy with the product and I hope it last for many trips
Thumbs Up Unavi !!!

Good system, just a few things....

I ordered this system because the standard stereo in my 2019 Nissan Leaf S was garbage. The bluetooth stopped working immediately after I got the vehicle. Overall, I really like the Unavi stereo I purchased. I really only have 2 issues. First, the resolution on the Android Auto is really bad, it's much better on Apple Carplay and the standard OS. Don't know why, I asked tech support about it but they didn't have an answer. Second, the white box that you use to connect your phone touchy right out of the box. I've texted tech support multiple times about this, but they haven't responded. I do want to stay that during my first setup, I had a few issues and they were quite helpful initially. I just wish I had clarity on this whitebox and resolution issue. If that was better, I would give this unit 5 stars no problem. Still worth installing yourself in my opinion, the YouTube video and installation manual were very helpful.

So far….not so good

Finally received the package, installed over 4 hours only to still have no display at all. Tech support over text has not been good, as I’m often dealing with the Korea support team and texts back are sporadic at best. At this point, wish I never purchased the item.

Hello Joshua,
We are sorry the unit is not working as you expected. One of our tech support team members will be in contact with you to get more info and see what we can do. Thank you for taking the time to leave a review with us, we truly appreciate it.

2017 Lexus ES 350 with navigation

Just got the system professionally installed, device work and doesn’t interfere with oem install which is great, however, it is hard to operate using the Lexus Joystick, I feel it is not even safe. Steering wheel controls won’t work when using the CarPlay system to change music tracks and when using audio through Bluetooth it does work. I’ll keep trying to see if I get used to it and hoping that a software update can fix Lexus joystick or trackpad accuracy. I wish that there was an option to display ac adjustments and parking motion sensor on the screen as a pop up.

Hello MB,
We are sorry the unit is not working as you expected. One of our tech support team members will be in contact with you to get more info and see what we can do. We also found that if you lower the feedback force on your Lexus settings it helps with the trackpad sensitivity. Thank you for taking the time to leave a review with us, we truly appreciate it.

Lexus RX350

I was very excited to get Apple CarPlay for my Lexus. I was and am a little disappointed in the way apple CarPlay interfaces with the Joystick controller in the RX350. I called UNAVI customers support to find out if there was a better way to use the Joystick controller. The customer service rep kept telling me that the Lexus controller was the problem and if I went online I would see all the complaints. I wasn't impressed that the rep was saying my cars controller wasn't any good. I am not sure if I will keep the Apple CarPlay or not.

Hello Mark,
We are sorry the unit is not working as you expected. One of our tech support team members contacted you to get more info and see what we can do and found your feedback force on the Lexus side was set high so we recommended to lower it, it was adjusted and now seems to be a better experience. Any update regarding this review would be appreciated, it goes a long way in helping a small business like ours. Thank you for taking the time to leave a review with us, we truly appreciate it.

Awesome system

Unit works exactly as advertised and added car play to my 2018 armada. I installed myself and it was relatively easy. Only issue is with wireless CarPlay dongle where it drops out when it over heats(aka summertime temperatures) but wired version works perfectly


This was not the review I was expecting to leave.

First off, company was real awesome with communication to confirm vehicle brand, model, and year, and shipped very quickly.

Installation: I know NOTHING about working on cars or stereos, but I am somewhat technically-inclined so I thought I could do it. Some reviews said it took an hour. Ok, I can do that. Well, first of all, know your vehicle. For my Infiniti, the instructions are found under Nissan Armada. Second, the YouTube video AND the instruction manual are absolute GARBAGE. Can you make that YouTube video ANY faster or less focused on the actual parts being installed?? Also, there’s no audio. ALSO, the garbage manual contains SCREENSHOTS from the garbage video for visual aids. AND important parts were skipped. Not one point in time does it say how/where to install the 3-pin external speaker. AND that crap did not come with adhesive as pictured (the other type of speaker is pictured and installation shown, not the 3-pin one). So I used duct tape. IIWII. I threaded the cable through like it showed with the other one and pushed it to the side hoping it would be addressed later. (It wasn’t, but it turns out the only place to plug it in was on the CarPlay module itself, so I did end up figuring it out.)

Next glaring omission from both instructions: how the hell to get the OEM radio out to install the iPod cable. ????!!!! It was just magically out in both video and manual. So then I find through googling that I might need another tool I don’t have. WTF. I’ll be damned if I was paying someone else money to do this, especially this far in. So, I said eff this, and removed the whole center console panel where the gear shift is to get a better view of the job at hand. This turned out to be a good idea because I found two screws I had lost 2 hours earlier due to weak magnets on drills…maybe also frustration…Anyway, you have to remove the panel with the 12v socket and the USB inputs to get the OEM radio out and the easiest way to do this is by removing the center. Center is way easy to remove, just pry up and unplug it; the panel has some metal clips that are very easy to pry up without an additional tool and without breaking anything. Start at the bottom. Finally was able to remove the OEM and install the iPod cable.

Ok, I’ve made it this far, I’m ready to start plugging everything in and putting it back together, right? So why is there another cable in the box?!? In both instructions, the USB cable for the phone input was magically installed and not mentioned. Come on man. Here’s the lucky part, every single one of these plugs is different, which means, it’s a big matching game, you just have to find the mate to the plug and stick it in there. Everything should be plugged into something, somewhere. It wasn’t too hard to figure out.

So this whole thing took me four hours (couple of anger management breaks), an external device for Google access, a cordless screwdriver, a little common sense and some prayer, but by god if it doesn’t work beautifully, as advertised, and I am elated with my purchase. 10/10 would recommend and buy again despite the shitty instructions!!!

Excellent Product, Great Support!

Team at Unavi is fantastic and the product works great.

Fresh look

I enjoy how the CarPlay looks. I am still playing around and getting a feel so can’t provide much review on that aspect. I am slightly annoyed that some of my steering wheeling controls as well as controls on the dash no longer work. It will take some time getting used to only used the touch screen.

QX60 Wireless Apple CarPlay

An incredible system that works just as described. The technical support was awesome. There were no installers in my area and none of the local shops had installed the unit either, so I installed it myself. A bit of a daunting undertaking but certainly doable. Surprisingly it’s not that complicated of an install but you do have to pay attention to every detail. There were plenty of YouTube videos which made the install much easier to complete. The way this system is designed integrates well with the native system. Great product Unavi!



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