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Ordered CarPlay for my Porsche Boxster and they were able to install the next day!!!

Very responsive customer service and of course the product has been flawless.

Great System

I've only been using it for a few days, but the set up is easy and once you have linked your phone it fires up right away. I would NOT recommend doing this on your own. I watched the technician take apart my. entire dash and was fascinated by how everything connected. This is a high end designed component and there were 6 different wiring harnesses involved in the connection. I am pretty handy when it comes to things but I was glad to have someone else do this for me.

The product works flawless

I don’t recommend this for everybody, but, I watched her YouTube videos. I looked at it and said I could do this, well after about an hour and a half. I did it. It worked great and I’m proud to say I saved the fortune by not having to pay an installer

Unavo install for Dr Jay

Excellent installation, unit works perfectly and seamless once u learn how to use it. Very clean job would highly recommend tell them Dr. Jay sent you…

Great Product & Functionality

Really Happy we chose Unavi !! US based customer support is very important to us. It's like having a brand new car!

Great product!!

Love the ease of the install and getting the use of CarPlay in my newly acquired Mercedes GLC 300 is an essential upgrade!! Works great!

Works perfectly if you take your time, it’s easy enough to install by yourself. Do not buy any of the cheaper ones from Amazon. They don’t work they have no customer service help. Unavi is the way to go !!! They even called me before shipping the product to make sure it would fit my vehicle perfectly and it does. This is the first product review. I have ever done simply because it’s such a great product.

Excellent Carplay Interface - 2018 Nissan Armada

This is an excellent Carplay conversion. This was the upgrade we wanted, and makes Carplay conversion work seemlessly. The quality of sound through the car speakers works so well. The instructions, and the wiring harness work so well. The only tricky part is the screen, but being patient and taking your time it is not difficult. I had one issue with sound, and customer service helped me troubleshoot the issue. It turned out one plug in was not connected and then everything worked perfectly. Great customer service and product.

Moderately Easy Self Install

Perfect solution for a car without CarPlay. They provide YouTube videos for the step by step installation. I did have one difficulty and tech support walked me through the solution quickly. Turns out that my model vehicle has 4 different interfaces and the video was specific to one of the 4. Unavi send every wiring harness needed to complete the installation. The actual box appears well built and sturdy. Have been very happy how wireless CarPlay starts up seconds after I start the engine. I highly recommend the company and it’s products

Infiniti QX 60 2019

This system works great. Installation was very easy. I have purchased three systems from China and none of them work. Don’t waste your time this company. It’s great recommended to everyone don’t go anywhere else. I give them A+ Customer service are amazing. They help you video chat step-by-step to make sure this system works great for you. Thank you again.

Unavi 2024 install in 2014 Cadillac ELR

The system works GREAT. Phone in support was super helpful. If you enjoy doing projects on your car, it's pretty straightforward. However, my instructions consisted of just a series of pictures, nothing written and no video instructions (reason for 4-stars) for my particular model of Cadillac( the ELR, which is kinda rare). For most people would be installing in a CTS or SRX, there is a video, and they would not have this problem.) Mounted Unavi unit up behind CUE unit, where there was more room as opposed to the side, near the glove box where there was very little. Be conscious of which blue LDVS cable you unplug because there are TWO located behind the CUE, one is not used (see pic). For an amateur like doing the install meticulously, it took about 3 hours. Now that it's done, the system works perfectly. I'm really glad I took on the install and saved the money by not having it professionally installed.

Actually Worked!

I was skeptical at first, but after installing the module in my 2015 Cadillac Escalade, it worked without issue! I ended up installing it myself, which was actually easy after watching some videos online on how to take my dash apart. Once apart, the module is plug and play.

UNAVIUSA Pathfinder platinum 2014 retrofit

So this was a really great experience- there we knowledgable people that were easy to get in touch with……. I am impressed with the product- and wish i had done this several years ago for my wife….. the Nissan system is a bit clunky and i am not crazy about all the audio Via Bluetooth- but once i was able to get it up and running- i had very few issues with the CarPlay system….and the ones that are there are pretty easily navigated!!

CarPlay for VW's

I purchased the UNAVI device designed for the 2015 VW Golf Sportwagen. I researched about 5 different brands and decided upon this brand. I think this brand is excellent and I really like it. I purchased the unit and installation took about 1.5 hours. This was the dismantling the glove box, switching the wire harnesses and putting the car back together again. NOTE: If you are not good at working on cars, I would have this installed professionally. I did run into a LOT of issues activating the unit. This took a long time, over 6 hours of personal time. The trouble, for me was frustrating, but this is where the tech support was phenomenal. They all stood by me and their product. I got to be on first name basis with one of the support guys; Jimmy. All the tech support personnel worked with me and never quit. We discovered that my first unit had a bad circuit board. They replaced it immediately and with some more support work we then determined the version was an issue. We updated the system version and then it worked as expected. I find this device works with my phone; both hard wired to the phone, but wireless as well. It works wonderfully. The only remaining issue is that my backup camera does not work, unless I leave the CarPlay software. I have a manual transmission and this seems to be the issue, whereas if you have automatic it works. This is NOT an issue with me. In spite of my “complaints”, in this review, I only brought up all this because this company DOES follow up with their customers better than I would have given, considering they were dealing with my frustration. I would recommend this unit and this company.

Porsche Macan

the unavi system was installed correctly and everything works, the only difficulty was dismantling the dashboard and installing the box.

This is great

Put this in my pathfinder. It’s amazing. I wish I had discovered this earlier. Love the functionality with the open system. Only gripe is you can’t see the temperature adjustments when changing them. But it’s simple to go back to the oem side and change it and then switch back to CarPlay. Worth every penny.

The product appeared to be well designed and performed as advertised once installed.

Works great!

I had a UNAVi authorized dealer install it and works great. I have only had it installed a few days but I am very pleased with it so far.

It Works!

Bought a used Infiniti QX60. Thought a navigation system would have been standard these days - especially in an Infiniti. It's not! My fault for not being vigilant. My research for a navigation system took me to the UNAVi site. Watched the videos and thought I could install it myself. Ordered the unit from UNAVi, and some plastic tools from Amazon to pry the console apart. It took me about 2 hrs to install. I'm handy, but never done anything like this before. It's been working like a charm. Now I'm actually glad, my Qx60 didn't come with a navigation system, because that disappointment led me to this device. The touch screen works, CarPlay works, Android Auto works - like they were factory installed. Sometimes I connect with my iPhone 13, Sometimes I connect with my Galaxy s23. It has only been 3 weeks, but so far the device surpass my expectation.

Product works and then doesn’t connect properly also doesn’t let me use or see any of the factory screens or settings while using the CarPlay.

Audi q5 2017 CarPlay Upgrade

Great system. Customer service was excellent. Communication was very timely, usually within minutes. Very little help needed. It’s all in the videos. I installed it in my garage. Following the steps in the video. My only problem: when I am in CarPlay and a phone call comes in, it’s received with no problem. When I hang up the phone, The audio has to be switched back to CarPlay. I’m not sure why it doesn’t stay in CarPlay to begin with. After looking at another Audi review this might require me shutting off the car Bluetooth. I will check with UNAVI support to be sure. I simply go to the phone and change from Bluetooth to CarPlay to put it back. For some reason the audio (music) will have to be put back to CarPlay after you end the call.

Switching between MMI and CarPlay is very easy. It’s nice having all functions (MMI) remain intact. Awesome upgrade for someone looking to upgrade. It’s definitely worth it.

Editing review: I have changed this from a 3 star review to a 4 Star: this company is top notch! They read my 3 star review and reached out regarding the audio trouble within 24 hours. They contacted me by text and we solved the problem within 15-20 min. CarPlay no longer switches / changes audio source after ending phone call. The solution is turning off the aux audio source on MMI and only using Bluetooth source in the Audi MMI. In CarPlay settings select use cars Bluetooth channel under settings. Thank you Jay for the extra effort to put this over the top! The hype is real, you guys stand behind and support your products, excellent service.

Hello AE,

Sorry you are having issues with your phone calls and audio sound, we will have someone contact you to see if we can help you get this figured out. Thank you for the kind review, it really helps us improve.