How to adjust the sensitivity of the Lexus joystick controller

It is commonly reported that the Lexus joystick is really sensitive. Even in OEM, the joystick is difficult to use. This is because the joystick does not return to the center position like regular joysticks. When using Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, the joystick moves all over the place. We've determined that there are two settings for you to adjust to make the joystick much more easier to use:

Adjust the Force Feedback Setting

1. Access Setup on the Lexus side

CarPlay Lexus Settings

2. Select General

CarPlay Lexus Settings General

3. Scroll down until you find Feedback Force

CarPlay Lexus Settings Feedback Force

4. Adjust the Feedback Force setting towards the left to the lowest setting

CarPlay Lexus Feedback Force Adjustment

5. Press back and return to the Home screen


Change Controller Type to Remote Lever in UNAVISettings

1. Go to Exit from the CarPlay Home screen or Android Auto Home screen

Lexus CarPlay Home screen

2. Select Setup

Unavi CarPlay Lexus Main Menu

3. Scroll down to Touch Pad/Remote Lever

UNAVI CarPlay Lexus Setup Menu

4. Select Remote Lever and press back to confirm if Remote Lever is selected. Then return to the home screen and press on CarPlay or Android Auto to return to your phone's main menu screen and test. The joystick controller will be much easier to use after selecting Remote Lever.



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