UNAVI Navigation for Kia Optima

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UNAVI for Kia Optima

Add navigation that works with your OEM radio and features!

UNAVI is proud to offer the exclusive OEM-integrated Navigation Solution that seamlessly incorporates entertainment and navigation features to the default factory hardware.

UNAVI is designed to add the following features to your OEM equipment:

  • Dedicated navigation using iGO's Primo NextGen software
  • GPS receiving capability, independent of any network reliance
  • Multimedia options such as video playback via an external storage device

UNAVI has designed this system to retain all of your equipped OEM radio features, which includes, but not limited to the following:

  • FM/AM, HD Radio*, Satellite radio*
  • OEM infotainment system*
  • AUX/MP3 playback, Bluetooth*
  • OEM backup camera*
  • Steering wheel, climate controls
*if equipped

UNAVI systems come with a standard 3-year warranty upon professional installation. Please consult with your nearest UNAVI dealer.

Contact UNAVI (855) 558-6284 or email sales@unavi-usa.com for more information.