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Golf Laser Rangefinder - FineCaddie UPL300

Golf Laser Rangefinder - FineCaddie UPL300


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FineCaddie - Premium Golf Laser Rangefinder

★ Finecaddie UPL300 Easter Sale ★

Fast! Easy! Accurate!
ALL-IN-ONE RANGE FINDER: The FineCaddie UPL300 is a 1,093 Yard multi-functional laser golf range finder with pin seeker, correction distance (ascent & descent), actual distance, vertical height, and slope measurement. Its functionality and portable size make it perfect to bring to the range for practice or your next tournament.

Laser level: Class 1
Offers safety and protection for eyes with low laser emission that is powerful and accurate for measuring both fixed and moving targets while providing optimized energy efficiency.


  • UPL300 Main Unit
  • Storage & Protective Pouch
  • FineCaddie User Guide
  • USB Type-C (for battery charge)
  • Lens cleaner



  • 【Fast and high-precision range measurement】 Distance measurement from 3.3 to 1093 yards, range measure accuracy ±1 yard, 0.1sec fast measure, can switch meters/yards, multi-coated optics lenses, fast focus, 6X magnification with eyepiece diopter, clear and bright display even with glasses on.
  • 【Slope Mode ON/OFF golf laser rangefinder】 Tournament legal with red LED when you don't use slope function, with slope function, calculate incline/decline and provide the actual distance and be confident to pick up the correct club with adjusted distance to a flag, easy-to-use rangefinder.
  • 【Pin-lock technology】 Pin-seeking and flagpole-lock pulse vibration up to 1,000yards. One short vibration for general measurement and 2 vibration bursts when it's locked onto the pin to confirm.
  • 【Classic design and water resistant】 Luxurious leather-like body and weather-resistant, compact size 3.6”x1.5"x2.3” and portable lightweight 5.68oz
  • 【USB charging】 No cell batteries, enjoy rechargeable battery, C-type USB cable is included, 30,000 times of measurement between charges, automatic power-off when idle for 15seconds to save battery, inseparable battery cover, a hard magnetic carrying case, user manual guide, and lens cleaning cloth are included.
  • 【1-year warranty】 Fine Caddie ensures a 1-year warranty with customer service in the US, Class 1 laser for safety and protection for eyes.
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