FineVu LX2000S | 3 Channel Dash Cam | Full HD | Parking Mode | GPS Compatible | 64 GB SD Card

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  • 3CH Front, Cabin, and Rear Cameras
  • FHD 1920x1080p Front Camera, HD 960x720p Cabin and Rear Cameras
  • 3.5" 800x480 Touch LCD Display
  • Cabin Cameras equipped with 6 infrared IR LEDs for night vision viewing
  • Smart Time Lapse
  • GPS Module available
  • ADAS features: LDWS, FVDW (GPS required)

The FineVu LX2000S is a 3-channel dash cam system capable of Full HD (1920x1080p) maximum recording. This 3-camera dashcam system is the latest addition to complement UNAVI's growing dash cam line up, the perfect solution for ride-sharing, commercial, fleet, and truck vehicles.

About the cameras:

  • The front camera is the main camera unit that mounts inside of the vehicle, on the front windshield facing towards the front. The front camera features a 3.5-inch LCD touchscreen, allowing access to the camera recordings, settings, and live-view features. The front camera records at Full HD resolution (1920x1080p), records at 30 frames per second, and has a viewing angle of 155°.
  • The cabin camera connects to the main camera via the unit's control module. This camera mounts inside of the vehicle on the windshield, facing the driver and passengers' seats. The cabin interior camera has 6 integrated infrared LEDs that automatically adjust to the lighting environment in the vehicle, allowing the camera to adequately record in the dark. When this camera is connected with a third camera, it records at HD resolution (960x720p), records at 30 frames per second, and has a viewing angle of 125°.
  • The rear camera connects to the main unit via the unit's control module. This camera mounts inside of the vehicle, on the rear window facing towards the rear. The rear camera records at a maximum Full HD resolution (1920x1080p), records at 30 frames per second, and has a viewing angle of 120°. When connected with a third camera, it will record at HD resolution (960x720p).

    The Smart Time Lapse feature maximizes recording capacity efficiently, recording at 10 frames per second when no event is detected. It automatically switches to 30 frames per second when an event is recorded to ensure that the event is properly captured.

    The LX2000S is equipped with a hardwire kit, enabling it's Parking Mode feature to record events while parked. The dashcam is also equipped with two ADAS features (Lane Departure Warning System and Front Vehicle Departure Warning) when equipped with the optional GPS module.

    UNAVI offers a 1-year manufacturer's warranty from the original date of purchase. The device's battery, accessories, including the SD card, has a 6-month warranty. UNAVI shall not be held liable for any accident, injury, death, loss, or similar claims related to or resulting from the use of this device.

    How to Install:

    1. Find nearby local shops to view installation offers and pricing. If you wanna take help with install, please confirm our UNAVI dealer/installer locater  (Currently, we are updating our dealer locater list) or contact us.
    2. UNAVI systems come with a DIY Installation Guide (professional installation is recommended by UNAVI) (DIY installations have no supply to warranty).

    Contact UNAVI (855) 558-6284 or email for more information.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Bobby Valentino
    Very Good Value!!!

    I can't say enough about the Unavi Dashcam. Easy to setup with my 2014 Infiniti Q50 with just alittle bit of patience.

    System works as intended with constant power for recording after vehicle shutdown.

    Bobby Valentino
    So Simple

    Unavi made it so simple for me to add a front Dashcams. I honestly can't believe how easy it was to get this up and working.

    The system will work perfectly with a 2014 Infiniti q50 sport (non-tech) package.

    Chris Anderson
    Easy Install / Great Quality

    The install was extremely easy and the setup with the Unavi app was simple as well. The video quality is very clear and frame rate seems good (no jitter). Great dashcam!

    Steve Starbuck

    Before I even got to use this great device, the installation process was amazing. You'd think it had been built in at the factory and my car is a 2019 Mercedes SUV, so the installer even had the added complexity of the tailgate to consider.

    Fortunately, I haven't had need to check out it's functioning in the event of an accident, but I get great reassurance from the voice telling me that "parking mode is activated", or "normal driving mode is activated"

    Overall, I cannot fault it.

    Lee Hannah Jr




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