4th July Sale : Apple CarPlay for 2011-2014 Mercedes Benz ML Class | Wireless & Wired | CarPlay & Android Auto Upgrade Module / Adapter

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2010-2019 메르세데스에 CARPLAY를 추가하십시오!

# 2년 보증
# 미국 기반 기술 지원
# 미국에서 배송

- Mercedes Benz는 의 등록 상표입니다. 메르세데스-벤츠 AG.
- Apple CarPlay, Siri 및 iPhone은 의 등록 상표입니다.of 애플 Inc. 또한 Apple Maps 및 Apple Music은f 애플 Inc.
- Android Auto는 구글 LLC. 


2010~2019 Mercedes Benz Sedan/Coupe/SUV Apple Car Play 및 Android Auto 추가o

애플 카플레이/안드로이드 오토란??
좋아하는 앱에 액세스Waze, Pandora, Spotify, Google 지도 및 WhatsApp 등 운전 중! 사용하다시리 또는 구글 어시스턴트 시간 동안andsfree 명령. Apple CarPlay/Android Auto로 운전 경험을 향상시키십시오.

빠른 호환성 가이드:

# 2010-2015 NTG 4.5 및 NTG 4.7(5.8" 또는 7" 디스플레이)
- A급 : 2012~2014
- B급 : 2011~2014
- C급 : 2010~2014
- CLA 쿠페 : 2013~2014
- CLS 쿠페 : 2011~2014
- GL 클래스/GLS : 2012~2015
- GLA급 : 2013~2014
- GLK급 : 2011~2014
- ML 클래스 : 2011~2014

# 2015-2019 NTG 5.0(7" 또는 8.4" 디스플레이)
- A급 : 2015~2018
- B급 : 2015~2018
- C급 : 2015~2018
- E클래스 : 2015년
- CLA 쿠페 : 2015~2018
- CLS 쿠페 : 2015~2018
- GLA급 : 2015~2018
- GLC급 : 2015~2018
- GLE 클래스 : 2015~2018
- GLS급 : 2015~2018
- V클래스 : 2015~2019

이 제품은 다음과 호환됩니다.g 차량:

클래스 (2010년, 2011년, 2012년, 2013년, 2014년, 2015년, 2016년, 2017년, 2018년),
B 클래스 (2010년, 2011년, 2012년, 2013년, 2014년, 2015년, 2016년, 2017년, 2018년),
C 클래스 (2010년, 2011년, 2012년, 2013년, 2014년, 2015년, 2016년, 2017년, 2018년),
GLA (2013년, 2014년, 2015년, 2016년, 2017년, 2018년),
GLC (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018),
GLK (2011년, 2012년, 2013년, 2014년),
GLS (2012년, 2013년, 2014년, 2015년, 2016년, 2017년, 2018년),
CLA (2013년, 2014년, 2015년, 2016년, 2017년, 2018년),
E 클래스 (2011년, 2012년, 2013년, 2014년, 2015년),
V 클래스 (2015년, 2016년, 2017년, 2018년 및 2019년),
CLS 쿠페 (2011년, 2012년, 2013년, 2014년, 2015년, 2016년, 2017년 및 2018년),
GL 클래스 (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015),
ML 클래스 (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014),
GLE 클래스 (2015년, 2016년, 2017년, 2018년)

설치하는 방법:

  • 제품을 DIY로 설치할 수 있지만 전문 매장을 방문하는 것이 좋습니다. 현재 전국적으로 300개 이상의 설치 상점에서 당사 제품을 설치했습니다. 아래의 설치 프로그램 찾기를 사용하여 가장 가까운 설치 상점 중 하나를 찾으십시오. 설치 상점을 찾는 데 도움이 필요하면 언제든지 저희에게 연락하여 추가 정보를 얻으십시오. 감사합니다.
  • 이메일: support@unavi-usa.com
  • 전화: 855-558-6284

2010 벤츠 c300 애플 카플레이, 2010 벤츠 e350 애플 카플레이, 2011 벤츠 c300 카플레이, 2011 메르세데스 e350 애플 카플레이, 2011 메르세데스 20 애플 카플레이, 1 벤츠 e 클래스 카플레이 15, 2011 메르세데스 glk350 e3 apple carplay, 2012 mercedes c250 apple carplay, 2013 mercedes apple carplay, 2013 mercedes benz e350 apple carplay, 2013 mercedes c300 apple carplay, 2013 mercedes a250 apple carplay 2013 mercedes 20141 mercedes c250 사과 carplay, 2014 mercedes c300 사과 carplay, 2014 mercedes gl450 사과 carplay, 2014 mercedes cla250 carplay, 2015 Mercedes s550 carplay, 2015 Mercedes e350 carplay, ml 32010 Mercedes carplay Mercedes Benz c300 carplay, 2016 Mercedes cla carplay, 2016 mercedes benz c300 apple carplay, 2016 mercedes e350 apple carplay, 2016 mercedes g le cédes apple carplay, 2016 mercedes gla apple carplay, 2016 mercedes glc apple carplay, 2016 mercedes c class carplay, 2016 mercedes gl apple carplay, 2017 mercedes c300 apple carplay, 2017 mercedes 7 s250 car 메르세데스 gle 카플레이, 2017 벤츠 gls 애플 카플레이, 2017 벤츠 gla 애플 카플레이, 2017 벤츠 c63 애플 카플레이, 2018 벤츠 c300 애플 카플레이. 2018 메르세데스 gle 카플레이, 2018 메르세데스 glc300 애플 카플레이, 2018 메르세데스 벤츠 애플 카플레이, 2018 메르세데스 c43 애플 카플레이, 2018 메르세데스 gla250 애플 카플레이

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Nice change but buggy

The unit has too many bugs and issues. The GPS hardly works and the unit freezes randomly. I have to turn off the car and turn it back on.

Android and Apple auto hardly work.

This product looks good but usability is a headache.

Hello Sonny,
We are sorry the unit is not working as you expected. One of our tech support team members will be in contact with you to get more info and see what we can do. Thank you for taking the time to leave a review with us, we truly appreciate it.

Nice addition to my Mercedes - loving it!

Intuitive control, wireless connection is good. Took it to a nearby installer after seeing on on the installer locator. Install cost me about ~$400. Oh they send their package with signature required so had to go to a local UPS to pick it up. didn't expect that. Overall, good product.

Nilesh Shah
Apple CarPlay 2013 Mercedes GL450 - Good product but has quirks

Overall a great addition to my 2013 GL450. One issue I have is that after it is installed, I get great experience for maps, music and other integration with Siri (for example Microsoft Teams) but phone call sound quality has degraded to the point that it is not acceptable. I was told that it uses factory Bluetooth while on CarPlay but the sound quality is really bad when compared to not using CarPlay. What is wrong with my Setup?

Hello Nilesh,
We've contacted you regarding your concern. We hope we've clarified the issue about the phone call quality. Our system allows you to make phone calls using the Mercedes-Benz Bluetooth feature, therefore the call quality is not affected. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to demonstrate this ability on our system and your phone. Please keep in touch with us for any further questions!

Mark Tully

GLK 250 Apple Car Play Back Uo camera install


I was not expecting this spec
Im not using my phone any more while driving
Thanx Unavi

2022 UNAVI Confidence Challenge

No Need to Hesitate on Your Unavi Purchase
Try it out!! We guarantee you will love it!!
If you are not satisfied Unavi Provides:

FREE RETURNS Guaranteed within 30 Days, whether you use the product or not.*

* 30 Day Return does not include parts or accessories
* Installation & Removal Cost are not covered
* Valid from date of purchase on UNAVI-USA.com

What is the OEM-integrated
Mercedes-Benz CarPlay Retrofit System?

Our Mercedes-Benz CarPlay(Android Auto) product line caters to people wanting to add Apple CarPlay or Android Auto without the enormous expense to purchase a new car with built-in OEM CarPlay.
Our mission is to ensure all technology features from the factory are retained.
UNAVI is dedicated to the development and US local service of our simple Plug-n-Play installation, repair, and technical assistance by the industry’s professionals via our Nationwide Dealer Network.

Why choose Unavi's Mercedes CarPlay retrofit product?

First, we are a Nissan/Infiniti Korea Tier-1 grade Certified Manufacturer. This means we have supplied our Navigation, Android Auto and CarPlay, Side Mirror Auto Fold Retrofit Module directly to Nissan/Infiniti Korea. In addition, we supplied our Android Auto and CarPlay, and Navigation to Infiniti Singapore and Infiniti New Zealand, etc. request by Infiniti Global(IML: Infiniti Motor Company Ltd.).

Second, we have U.S. based support for customer and technical needs. Our orders ship out from California via UPS and USPS, and also we have US-wide installation partner stores. Our technicians are here standing by to assist with any technical difficulties customers or installers may encounter.

Finally, we offer standard 2-year warranty on our Unavi products. We stand by our product and offer double the industry’s average warranty period. And also free returns guaranteed within 30 Days, whether you use the product or not.

How do I go about the CarPlay installation?

Although you can DIY install our products, we highly recommend you visit a professional shop.There are currently professional install shops nationwide that have experienced installing our products. Use the Installer Locator below to find one of these install shops closest to you. If you need help finding an install shop, please feel free to contact us for further information. Thank you.

Installer Locator - Click Here!

Looking for a professional CarPlay installer?

Check out our Unavi Pro Installer! They provide high-quality install backed by years of experience at a competitive pricing. Simply purchase the Unavi installation option by adding it to your cart, and our Unavi Pro Installer will contact you to set up an install appointment.

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