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Bad product

Comes yestersday and really poor product...

Hello Larus,
We're sorry that our product didn't meet your expectations. Currently, we can't seem to find any order history under your account. Please contact us either via email or call us at 855-558-6284, and we will be more than happy to provide support and answer any questions or concerns. Thank you for taking the time to provide this feedback - we appreciate all feedbacks as they give us an opportunity to do things better!

UNAVI UGD621 | GPS Module
Pavel Zaichenko


Install Labor Fee: CarPlay | WE COME TO YOU!
Missy Billingsley
Excellent service

Very convenient having the option to have them come to you! I had excellent service…I highly recommend!

Unavi carplay

At first it was scary to install with all this wires after studying the instruction checking out few install videos I decided to install my self I have electronic background. The install was actually easy. one thing I had trouble at first was sound not coming from factory speakers after few tries sounds started to work from iPod mode but would go away when you restart the car after new update it works great so far so good

Usb extension

Works great easy to install tool longer to take the center consul apart then install


The instructions, including video, we’re easy to follow. Had one issue that was resolved with a text message to the provided number. Really amazing unavi was able to completely integrate CarPlay into my infinity Q60 system. Very pleased!

Works great

The I-knob control works just as advertised. You’re able to scroll through your apps and make selections just as you would with the factory menus. Great product and easy install!

Better than expected

Works great, makes my 2020 car look like a 2022 :)

The installation was great, customer service excellent

Next step is installing dash cams

Great addition

I installed the CarPlay module on an Infiniti Q60RS a week or so ago and it has worked flawlessly so far. I ran into a bit of issue with the self install and getting the ribbon cables seated properly but Unavi’s tech support was very quick to respond, reviewed all my connections, and showed me where the issue was. Their video walkthrough for the install was very informative as well. I’m very pleased with the module and Unavi’s excellent customer service!

Android Auto for 2020 Pathfinder

I had UNAVI install the “Apple CarPlay for Nissan Pathfinder 2017-2020 | Android Auto Update Module” in my 2020 Nissan Pathfinder and it works great. I use Android Auto and it’s convenient to access my navigation, music, and podcast apps through the touchscreen display of the car and not have to use my phone screen. Pressing the “back” button on the steering wheel allows you to switch between Android Auto (CarPlay) and all other Nissan screen functions (A/C, Radio, Settings, etc.). The system is seamless, and it doesn’t affect the original Nissan touchscreen functions. It is literally an add-on. The sound from android auto is routed to the car speakers by pushing the AUX source button, and it uses the original microphone in the car for calls.

UNAVI’s customer service is fantastic. Their priority really is making sure the customer is happy, and the equipment functions properly. Pedro and Daniel are terrific. They are very friendly, helpful, and professional. I took it to their shop for the install and was kept up to date during the process. I highly recommend them and couldn’t be happier with their product and the level of service they provide.


Before I even got to use this great device, the installation process was amazing. You'd think it had been built in at the factory and my car is a 2019 Mercedes SUV, so the installer even had the added complexity of the tailgate to consider.

Fortunately, I haven't had need to check out it's functioning in the event of an accident, but I get great reassurance from the voice telling me that "parking mode is activated", or "normal driving mode is activated"

Overall, I cannot fault it.

I was skeptical about now I'm a believer

They have fantastic customer support to walk you through the process. I've recommended this to my local a/v shop to become a certified installer and told them this would bring mad business. 10/10 would recommend

2019 Infiniti QX60 CarPlay

I installed the Infiniti CarPlay unit back in January of 2021 and have been using the system ever since. Recently, I damaged the USB cable and contacted UNAVI for support with this specialty cable. They not only gave me the cable, but also the USB mount conversion free of charge to prevent reoccurrence, as long as I paid for shipping. Great customer service and would recommend to anyone.


To say the least, frustrating that I had to install something like this in a 2020 Infiniti. Was shocked the qx60 didn’t have CarPlay. After searching and reading reviews I bought this unit. I paid for 3 day shipping and got it right on time. Excellent on shipping.

They send you so many install videos and links which helps for sure. It was for sure a tough install , I did it myself. Tough isn’t the right word just complex and maybe more than someone should bite off. So far it’s great. Good sound. Good quality. Would give it 5 starts but holding one back because I wish some of the harnesses gave me some more slack. Had to fight a few wires.

Thriving Q60

Big thanks to Pedro for hooking me and my Q60. Pedro went above and beyond to keep me happy. He installed carplay and camera and through in other bonuses. I am extremely pleased and if course very much recommend. Thank you!!!

Great aftermarket item

Great aftermarket item!! I couldn’t be happier with the product in the way that it works. I have a Nissan 2020 pathfinder rock creek edition. Everything about this vehicle is perfect except for the fact that Nissan decided not to put Apple CarPlay in the Pathfinders. But with this aftermarket Apple CarPlay, you wouldn’t even know that it didn’t come with it. I’m super happy. Everyone at you Unavi is so friendly and so nice. I’ve called twice to ask some questions and they were so helpful and so willing to answer all my questions. If you don’t have this item in your vehicle and you don’t have Apple CarPlay, then you need to buy it!

Bringing a 2020 Infinity QX60 into the 21st century

after buying a leftover 2020 QX60 i discovered that my KIA's were more technologically advanced than the brand new QX60 I purchased... SO...Searched for an answer to provide me with car-play capabilities in my new luxury ride.... (yeah this shouldn't be a thing but it is - Infinity is finally getting on the ball and onboard with the actual data assistants people use and want - ie they are finally putting car play in their vehicles (just not mine) So that left me with the Ol' interwebs and a trusty Google search... Found a few offerings but the Uni-Nav system stuck out as it maintains the look of the interior and functionality of the original system - as well as the ability to return to factory should you choose..... Uni-Nav customer service and responsiveness were 2nd to no one and they offered any help I may need to find an installer on the east coast. Turns out the tutorials and instructions are very comprehensive and installation was achieved with no problems - couldn't be happier unless it was included when I bought the car... Q/Q

First install - not as scary as the 51 pages of instructions might infer…

It works, just a bit wonky I would say. Switching screens back and forth seems to have randomly varying speed. It would be nice if the audio was integrated into the OEM sound and also had wireless capability.
The install was smooth, but it would have helped if the video dash disassembly has some semblance of relevance to a Pathfinder. I figured it out. The rest of it was okay vis a vis the hookups and routing. The DCU video was spot on as far as adding the 2 boards.
If you’re doing this for a customer or dealership…or even yourself…definitely do the USB cig lighter extension. It makes for a much more professional finish.

Misrepresented product

Buried in the fine print was fact that product did not work on cars with navigation. So that sucked. Tried to use authorized installer but did not get a call back for 25 hours during which time I hired someone else who also did not catch the fine print 8 point font statement that this product did not work with all models. Anyway, whatever. $200 restocking fee, wasted $200 at installer; shipping return costs and a week or so of my life. So basically don’t represent it works on my car without putting an asterisk in that statement. It is a negligent misrepresentation. Good luck.

Hello David,

We truly apologize that the product compatibility was not clear enough. The purpose of this product is to add navigation if your vehicle did not come with a navigation. As you mentioned, since your vehicle already came with a navigation, this product is not meant to work for your vehicle. We strive to be clear as possible mentioning 'Monochrome Display' under product selection, and with a photo of the vehicle screen we are compatible with on our product page. To be more clear moving forward, we will update our product page. Moreover, we are more than happy to assist you the installer search process. Please feel free to reach out to our customer support team to assist you with the installer search process. As for the restocking fee, our customer support team will be in contact with you shortly. Thank you for taking the time to provide us with your feedback. We appreciate all feedback as it makes us do things better. Thank you.

Apple Car Play like Oem!

Awesome customer service! Great product! Would recommend highly!

Nice product fully integrated in Q50 existing system

Definitely a good to have in your Q50. Easy to install and fully reliable to bring CARPLAY to your Q50

Great Product to update your car

Great product. Easy to install. Full operational CARPLAY

CarPlay seems to work, yay!

Installed myself, which was pretty hard (granted, I am not particularly handy). Surprisingly, everything just worked on the first try. I didn't drive around a lot yet, so can't comment on long-term quality, but first impressions are great.



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