Reward Promotion
for every UNAVI CarPlay & Android Auto customer
Ends Aug 31, 2022

2022 UNAVI -

letting people around you know how good it is to use the CarPlay by video review!
Help the old-ways drivers who don't know CarPlay or Android Auto!

To all of the UNAVI Android Auto / Apple CarPlay users!

Please share your honest feedback and experience with others who are interested and may not be familiar with UNAVI Android Auto / Apple CarPlay yet!

There is plenty to discover about using UNAVI Android Auto / Apple CarPlay, especially when it comes to safe driving and convenience!

We have a small token of appreciation for all who participate. A select few who post the most helpful video reviews may be eligible to win a bigger prize!

Give prizes to all participants!


Prizes are subject to change at will or may vary on this website's images.



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