Audi CarPlay Update 2022 06 23

Please run this update only if required by UNAVI engineer.

Applicable for all Audi SKUs except ZSTAWAU07P & ZSTAWAU16C

How to check the version information.

1. Press on Exit from the Android Auto or CarPlay App page.

UNAVI Audi CarPlay main menu

2. Select Setup

UNAVI Audi CarPlay Main Menu Page

3. Scroll down to System Version

UNAVI CarPlay Audi Setup Menu

4. Check the MCU Version

UNAVI Audi CarPlay MCU Update

5. Share this screen with the UNAVI engineer to determine if an update is required.


How to update MCU version

1. Download the MCU update file

2. Format an empty USB flash drive that is FAT32 format. Place the .bin file on an empty USB flash drive.

UNAVI CarPlay Audi bin file update

3. Insert the USB flash drive with the update file into the CarPlay USB port. This port can be found in the glove box compartment, beneath the glove box compartment, or near the arm rest compartment area. Contact your installer for the exact location if needed.

UNAVI Audi CarPlay USB Drive Update Process

4. Return to the setup page and select System Update

UNAVI Audi CarPlay Setup page System Update

5. Enter the password: 2863

UNAVI Audi CarPlay pass code setup update

6. Select MCU Update

UNAVI Audi CarPlay MCU update

7. Confirm MCU Update

UNAVI Audi CarPlay confirm MCU update

8. The system will begin updating. The process should take anywhere between 2 to 5 minutes. Do not interrupt the process. Do not power off during the update.

UNAVI Audi CarPlay MCU updating

9. When finished, the system will reboot and will return to the OEM Audi screen. Toggle to the UNAVI Main Menu by pressing and holding the NAV or MENU button and follow the steps above on how to check version information and confirm the new MCU version. Note: You may need to reboot the system again (turn off car, lock the doors, wait for about 3 minutes, unlock doors, and turn engine on).

UNAVI Audi CarPlay new MCU version



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